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5 Must Haves for Your DNP Capstone Project in 2019

Steps in Organizing Your DNP Capstone Project

The DNP capstone project is definitely going to be significant in your academic career, and if well done can also provide a good jump start in your professional life. Prior to preparing your DNP capstone project topics will be determining a topic. A committee chairperson and committee members will also have to be chosen.


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After settling on a topic the basic steps to finalizing your DNP capstone project will be as follows:

  • Develop your proposal for the specific capstone project
  • Defend your proposal and gain committee approval
  • Conduct the project and write your final report
  • Present your project, defend it and obtain approval that you have met requirements
  • Submit the final capstone project report to the graduate school

Both the proposal and final capstone project reports will be submitted in written format.

left-quote-white“Nurses are the heart of healthcare.” – Donna Cardillo, RN, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is The Inspiration Nurse

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Proposals for DNP Capstone Projects


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A capstone proposal will need to contain a needs assessment, rational, and problem statement. It should also contain objectives, project activities, and timetables, necessary resources and an evaluation plan.

The standard structure of the proposal will be:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • The body of the paper organized by chapters:
    1. Statement of problem.
    2. Project description.
    3. Project design.
    4. Evaluation plan

Capstone projects in nursing education have grown significantly in the last 30 years. Capstone project in nursing work is characterized by the merger of scientific capstone project and practical intervention. DNP capstone project proposal template can be expounded as follows:

Formulation of the problem. The capstone project chooses the problem from the examination of previous capstone project or from the practical knowledge of the client’s system to find out what the client is unsatisfactory and what can be corrected. The problem should be defined and specified as clearly as possible.

Review the literature. The capstone project practitioner consults the literature with a view to getting acquainted with the approach and effective ways of other authors’ intervention.

Defining questions and hypotheses. Literature is being studied to draw on the ideas and assumptions about which factors influence the problem, the variables that are possible, and the relationship between them (how and how it can be changed).

Define capstone project goals. The client’s real situations are very complex and cannot be explored and changed all at once, but capstone project efforts must be limited so as to establish specific goals that will guide the whole case study.

Define the dependent variables. After the knowledge of the problem it is necessary to formulate the expected changes in the form of dependent variables. The dependent variable must be defined by operational terms and by means of indicators whose measurements will show success or failure of intervention.

Define the design of the capstone project. The capstone project plan is a data collection plan and an intervention plan. The data collection plan determines who will collect the data, from whom, when and where. The intervention plan determines who will intervene, by whom, when and where.

Defining an independent variable. An independent variable is the one that influences the dependent and must be determined by measurable indicators. There must be a fair degree of certainty that the independent variable influences the dependency, because otherwise it is not possible to expect a positive effect of the intervention and the whole job may be futile.

Observing and avoiding limits. The disadvantages of case studies on theoretical elaboration or practical intervention plan must be noticed and the way of their circumventions or reductions must be revealed, so as not to jeopardize the success of capstone project and intervention.

Pre-collection of data. Prior to the introduction of an independent variable, the client’s status and characteristics must be collected. These are baseline or pretest information. It is necessary to perform it so that changes after the action of an independent variable can be reliably determined.

Application of an independent variable or intervention. Intervention can affect the customer’s problem so that the trend of the problem is reduced, growing or cyclically repeated. Depending on the movement of the problem, a series of multi-stage interventions or multi-component intervention sets may be performed. Sufficient number of measurements should be exempted from external and uncontrolled factors.

Final collection and analysis of data. Upon completion of the intervention, data on the type and degree of change of the dependent variables, the principle of the change, the possible influence of the intervention variables etc. are collected and analyzed.

Report on findings. At the end of the capstone project, a report on the results should be drawn up and formulated for presentation at an expert or scientific meeting or for publication in the journal. It is necessary for other experts to check the results of the study to get a guide for new capstone project and to allow a broader number of practitioners to apply the intervention in similar cases and thus improve the practice of nursing.

If you check our nursing capstone paper example, you will have to successfully defend your proposal before you begin on the actual DNP capstone project.

DNP Capstone Project Proposal Final Report

After conducting your capstone project ideas nursing a final report must be written and submitted. This is the culmination of all that was done for the DNP capstone project. The body of the final report will consist of 5 sections or chapters describing the project.

The format of the DNP capstone project final report will be as shown:

  • Title page: contains the name of the project, student name, and academic credentials.
  • Signature page
  • Executive summary: limited to 1 page. The executive summary provides an overview of the project.
  • Table of contents
  • The body of report organized by chapters:
    1. Statement of the problem
    2. Project description: everything done in the project
    3. Evaluation plan: what evidence-based measures and instruments were used
    4. Results: to what extent was the objective achieved
    5. Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices

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