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The Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas October 2018!

Showcase Your Expertise with Top Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

nursing capstone ideasYour capstone project is a challenging task, especially that this will require a great deal of expertise and knowledge. One of the key factors in a great capstone project would be the quality of your topics. You should be able to come up with great nursing capstone project ideas as for you to showcase your expertise to your readers.

Take time as for you to come up with innovative nursing capstone project ideas that will surely lure in the attention of your audience. Creating a good project rely greatly on the quality of your nursing capstone project ideas hence the necessity to brainstorm and organize possible topics that you can use.

nursing capstone project ideas

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Tips for Successful Nursing Capstone Paper

The challenge of your nursing capstone paper is choosing a quality topic. In writing nursing capstone project, your topic should be as specific as possible. It should cater to a specific audience and timeline. In this sense, you can narrow down topic coverage as well as the ideas you need to include.

It is also important to choose a feasible and timely topic. It should be doable and time-based. Do not discuss something so impossible that medical practitioners could not possibly carry out in the next decades.
The following tips will guide you in writing successful nursing capstone paper:

  • Select a topic you are interested in. Put your effort and time to something you can comfortable and interested in.
  • Be specific. Avoid vague and general topics. Choose a definite topic for direct discussion.
  • Conduct a research. Research on good topics to see the pros and cons of each point of view.
  • List your references down. This is to track your references and avoid content plagiarism.
  • Format correctly. Organize your content according to the prescribed format.
  • Create an outline. Use the table of contents as an outline to organize your ideas.
  • Include a reference page. List down all your sources to acknowledge and avoid plagiarism.
  • Keep it clear and concise. Don’t use unnecessary words. Filter information according to importance.
  • Write an abstract. This serves as a summary of what your paper is all about.
  • Edit and proofread. Check your capstone paper for spelling, grammar, and content error.
  • Hire professionals. Hire an online professional capstone writer to do the job.

Your success as a nursing student is measured according to how you will apply the theories you learned in practice and real-life situations. This is the purpose of a nursing capstone paper. Submit something remarkable.

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30 Best Capstone Project Ideas Nursing

Writing your nursing capstone project can be a little bit of a challenge at the first step of the process – thinking of a project idea to discuss. It seems like a lot of nursing students have proposed almost all ideas and you’re running out of concepts to present. Here are some of project ideas you can ponder upon:

  • The effectiveness of special care unit in improving the quality of life of the elderly with dementia.
  • The effect of race and insurance status on treatment of acute hypertension in African-American patients presenting in the ER.
  • Quality of life for caregivers of homebound elderly with and without primary care providers.
  • Determining the effectiveness of two information sharing modalities in disseminating health information related to Chlamydia trachomatis.
  • The relationship of soldiers’ deployment status to health compliance and accuracy in documentation.
  • The effectiveness of prescription labeling in Spanish on medication adherence and patient satisfaction.
  • Elderly Fall prevention: a staff intervention to increase knowledge of fall risks in long-term care facilities.
  • Impact of a provider educational intervention on cervical cancer screening in a military treatment facility.
  • Correlation between diet counseling and new onset of gestational diabetes mellitus in obese African American women.
  • The impact of diabetes education on knowledge, self-management behaviors, and self-efficacy.

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