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Brown University Capstone Project Requirements

Capstone Paper for Brown University

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to completing your Brown University capstone project proposal and its’ development and this would heavily rely on the degree you are studying under and the specific discipline you are working on. One of the most basic things you must know about though is how to complete your capstone project.

brown university capstone recommendationsSimple Steps Towards Your Capstone Project Completion

While steps might vary depending on the school and the academic program you are under in, there are simple steps to follow when completing your capstone project. There are two major parts of the capstone project, which are the Initial Phase and the Production Phase.

Besides these phases though, there are general steps to follow:

  • Research course registration

The first thing you need to do if you want to complete your Brown senior capstone project is to register under the program in the first place. Some capstone projects are part of the courses in itself while in some cases; you would need to fight for just to get in. Of course, you would have to consider the requirements and prerequisites.

The following are the steps you should take:

  • Register for the research course
  • Form your team when needed
  • Choose a specific topic for your capstone project Brown University
  • Recruit a project committee chair
  • Project proposal preparation

quick help with capstone writingAfter forming your team and recruiting an instructor, the next step would be creating a capstone project proposal. Take a look at a good capstone proposal example to have a better understanding of how your paper should look like.

Make sure to take note of the specific considerations presented by your instructor and that the project proposal should:

  • Address a specific issue, question, or being
  • Provide a details research methodology description
  • Be inclusive of a literature review
  • Be approved and signed off by the recruited instructor
  • Pro-approval of the project proposal

After the project proposal has been approved, the research proper would commence. Depending on the type, whether you are creating a capstone seminar paper or building an innovative solution, this is the step where you would need to apply all the theories and methodology you’ve included in your proposal.

  • Completion phase of the project

The completion phase includes simple editing of the paper and evaluation of the entire project. A panel may evaluate the project you created. You may be asked to conduct a video or oral presentation, depending on your instructor. It also involves the actual submission of the project. Looking at completed capstone projects can help you on your own. There are also Brown RISD capstone 2017 projects you can read about.


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Computer Science Capstone Projects at Brown University

For students in Computer Science degree, their capstone project can either be a software product or a capstone seminar paper. The capstone project is the last step that students have to take in order to get away from their undergraduate status. Completion of honors thesis bears the same weight as the capstone project.

Some Brown computer science capstone courses offered are inclusive of the following:

  • CSCI 1230 with CSCI 1234
  • CSCI 1260
  • CSCI 1300
  • CSCI 1320
  • CSCI 1370
  • CSCI 1380
  • CSCI 1410
  • CSCI 1600
  • CSCI 1660 with CSCI 1620
  • CSCI 1670 with CSCI 1690
  • CSCI 1680
  • CSCI 1951-A
  • CSCI 1970
  • CSCI 2240
  • CSCI 2370
  • CSCI 2420
  • CSCI 2500-B
  • CSCI 2950-T

Brown University Economics Capstone Project

The Economics Department of Brown University offers capstone course to students, which can either be an economics capstone Brown project or an awesome capstone experience.  Similar to Stanford senior capstone, there are also wide varieties of choices students can choose from.

Other ways to accomplish the capstone requirement are the following:

  • Writing an honors thesis
  • Through ECON19700 – an independent study course that is now linked to an honors thesis
  • Taking an advanced seminar
  • Pursuing economic concepts’ thorough examination
  • Writing a research paper (for advanced economics course)
  • Faculty research project assistance
  • Teaching assistant substantive experience
  • Non-credit internship

There are also other similar projects that can be chosen. You simply have to make sure that the instructor approved for your chosen IR capstone project.

You don’t need to have a hard time with your Brown University capstone! Call us and allow us to help you with your project writing!