Capstone Format for Georgia Institute of Technology

What Is Capstone Paper?

Capstone project is the finale of learning at college. It combines the theoretical knowledge learned for the entire time spent in classes at one’s college with practical experience. Capstone paper requires one to work on a real practical project based on the area of one’s interest. The subject of the capstone topic can be anything related to any of the courses that a student has studied while at college. It is considered a stepping stone into the corporate or the real working world. Since there are so many options available for a student to choose the subject of the capstone from, it might overwhelm the student. If this is the case, one should go to one’s professors or academic advisors for advice and suggestions. They will be able to help one guide towards his interest.

How Long Is a Capstone Paper?

How to write a capstone? The capstone format for the final report is at the discretion of the advisor or the instructor. But most of the capstone report formats have much of the same material and formats. There is also no answer to how long is a capstone paper. It can be as long as one has research material for.

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Things to Consider before Writing

Getting started on your capstone project as a whole can be overwhelming. There is no reason to be nervous, as there are examples and help online. One of the crucial elements to starting work on a capstone project is choosing a topic that you are very interested in and excited about. The topic must be something that will hold your interest and keep you motivated, even so far as into your career. A good way to make this decision is to consult with your advisors, colleagues, and professors. You will be working with them throughout the project.

Look at some great ideas for a capstone project in computer science

The topic is the most important part of the project and may dictate the format of your project. The topic should not only keep you riveted but should also be something that you want to learn even more about as you go along. You must be so interested in the topic that you capture the reader’s interest right away with your own, personal interest. Choose a topic that holds your interest and that has the ability to have an excellent thesis.

Structure of the Capstone

An outline is what you must do before you start writing. This outline will help keep you organized and on topic. It will help you to break down all of the parts needed, then to write them into a cohesive whole. The outline is a baseline – something that can help you easily and quickly gather your information and organize it. A general structure of a capstone project is as follows:

  • Introduction – This section states the problem, the approach, and the thesis of your project.
  • Literature review – This section contains topical research and discussions on the subject.
  • Methodology – This section describes the problem-solving process and the research that goes into that process. Data sources and methods are included in this section.
  • Results – This section explains what the research produced and whether the thesis was solved.
  • Conclusion – This section summarizes and concludes the project.

About Capstone Parts

There needs to be an abstract that describes the goals of the project, the project itself, research methodology, results attainted and suggestions for further work and research. Post the abstract section, needs to be an introduction or an overview of the project in total, which would describe the problem and the issues in more detail and depth and provide background information along with it. Then there should be a method or an approach section which would explain the method followed or the approach undertaken to solve the problems and provide details on experimental results. Then comes the important and the crucial part of cost analysis, which determines whether the solution posited is cost effective or not and thus if should be or can be pursued or not depending upon the budget of the organizational project.

When beginning the process of writing your capstone at Georgia Institute of Technology, you will want to keep in touch with your advisors and professors throughout the process. They are there to help and guide you. There will be different formats for each department, so you will want to find out the format for your specific department. If you do not have the right format, then the project is doomed from the start. Not to worry – this article is full of tips to help you prevent common mistakes. Stay in communication with your advisors and professors during the entire capstone process.

Capstone is not just for a grade which would lead to one’s graduation; instead, the capstone is a course which can be used in one’s employment portfolio. It substantiates if the students have learned the skills necessary for success after one’ graduation. By integrating practical experience with theoretical knowledge, one’s project can set one apart from the other graduates from other universities and colleges.

In capstone projects, students get to look at real-world situations and work on them from their own viewpoint and knowledge and discuss and present potential solutions to the many issues. Another great purpose of the capstone projects is to develop a student for a leadership role ahead.

capstone parts helpHow to Write Perfectly Your Capstone Paper

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