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Capstone Case Projects

The capstone is called a capstone as it symbolizes the crowning achievement similar to what a capstone does in architecture. Capstone papers vary from departments to departments. Some departments might have the most common type of capstone wherein a student needs to undertake a project and provide a presentation on the same at the end of the project; while other departments might have an assessment exam in order to test a student in various disciplines like math, critical thinking or writing. The most common type of capstone requires a student to work on a capstone title and write a research paper on the subject or topic of one’s interest from the program of study that the student undertook. Writing capstone papers provides the students with an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained during one’s college. This capstone guide would mention all the things that one should keep in mind when writing a capstone analysis paper.

The capstone document is one of the most professional documents that a student would be creating before stepping into the professional world. The capstone document should be free from all errors – grammatical or others. If one’s English language is not very strong, one can always take help from the many online tools to check for grammatical errors. There is also a capstone report format that one should follow to present the best document to the committee and answers all Ohio State or Rutgers capstone questions.

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Things to Consider before Writing Your Capstone Paper

Much like other universities, Ohio State requires the completion of a capstone project. The capstone project is a project that shows your knowledge and mastery of a subject based on a college course. Before writing a capstone project, you need to pick a topic that you can go in-depth with and spend a significant amount of time on. You will be researching and writing this project for a long time and by the time it is finished you should know the project inside and out!

The topic must relate to something you’ve learned in college, so think about topics you’ve seen and there might be a few that you want to research more or maybe a class raised a certain question or concern and you want to get answers or bring awareness to that situation. There is no such thing as too much passion for a project but you want to make sure that your passion won’t burn out as you the required effort in this project.

Capstone Guide

Any capstone document needs to have an abstract that describes the goals of the project, the project itself, research methodology, results attainted and suggestions for further work and research. Post the abstract section needs to be an introduction or an overview of the project in total, which would describe the problem and the issues in more detail and depth and provide background information along with it. Then there should be a method or an approach section which would explain the method followed or the approach undertaken to solve the problems and provide details on experimental results. Then comes the important and the crucial part of cost analysis, which determines whether the solution posited is cost effective or not and thus if should be or can be pursued or not depending upon the budget of the organizational project.

Guide on how to write a perspective paper

The capstone project process has several parts and each of these parts must be pre-approved by a teacher, administrator or supervisor. A topic or question must be chosen and then, it must be researched and studied. Some schools also require a project to be done with your findings or allow you to choose to do your own project if your research question has a practical or data aspect to it. After this, a paper is written and the results of your research and paper are presented and defended in front of an audience of peers, teachers, and experts.

Format and Structure of the Capstone Paper

Capstones have different formats depending on the major and the school itself. However, there are certain similarities that you should know about concerning the structure. Below are some of these requirements:

  • A cover page that states your name, paper title, your degree or qualification, and the date.
  • An abstract of 350 words that summarizes the paper and experiment and presents the key points to the audience. It is not a substitute for reading the paper but it should give the readers a taste of what to expect.
  • An introduction that shows why you chose your topic and/or question and where you can let your passion out on the subject you have chosen.
  • A section that shows the background of the research you did to lead you to your answers or project. This is where you will give any information the readers need to know about your project and methods as well as discuss your process creating the capstone paper.
  • A section discussing your methods and the results of your project and answers to your question as well as how you collected those results using the process you mentioned in the background section of your capstone project.
  • The analysis section is where you present what you’ve learned and why the answers matter in your field of study. This is also where data is explained and your own learning and growth from the capstone project appears.
  • A conclusion ends the paper and shows the wider and real-world application of the data and research you collected and how it can change the field. You can also summarize your work and showcase your mastery.
  • Finally, a bibliography, references, footnotes, and any other citations should be added at the end of your paper.

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30 Capstone Project Topic Ideas for Ohio State University

The hardest part of the capstone project is generally idea generation. The list of thirty questions and topics below will help you learn about acceptable questions that you can model your own work off of.

  • What can zoos do to prevent animal abuse?
  • Does political commentary need to play a role in cartoons?
  • New techniques in agriculture to aid in farming
  • How can we conserve our remaining environment with increased demand for natural resources?
  • How should companies handle public relations in times of scandal?
  • What impact does the internet have on business?
  • Business franchising
  • How have ethnic diets crossed cultures?
  • How do we limit the use of drug use for teens?
  • Does gender bias influence education?
  • Does religion need to play a role in education?
  • Evolution versus creationism in schools
  • How should we limit the use of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?
  • How has the music of the past influenced the music of today?
  • What rights do students have when arrested?
  • Ways to help with teen peer pressure
  • What can be done to prevent teen pregnancy?
  • What effect does the media have on the world?
  • Is excessive censorship necessary in schools or the workplace?
  • How to manage the changes in information technology
  • The impact of mobile gaming on society
  • The dangers of voice recognition
  • What role should computers play as advisors in a company?
  • The ethics of Alexa or Echo in a home
  • The dangers and advantages of cybersecurity
  • Does cybersecurity make us safer?
  • Smart card readers
  • The dangers and advantages of home surveillance
  • Context-specific emergency services
  • New uses of SMS in the workplace

Capstone Paper Writing Steps

Researching your topic should be the most important step and should take the most time. Citing your sources as you go will save you time later. Plus, always be sure to get approval from your teachers and supervisors with every step of the project from the first draft to the final copy – this will allow you to catch mistakes and will reduce your own stress.

In order to write this paper successfully, you’ll need to maximize your research time and manage the rest of your time wisely. Using grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checkers regularly on your drafts will save you headaches later on. Having a proofreader for this process can help you catch weak spots in your project.

professional capstone analysisProfessional Guidance for Your Capstone Project

In capstone projects, students get to look at real-world situations and do a capstone analysis and work on them from their own view point and knowledge and discuss and present potential solutions to the many issues. Another great purpose of the capstone projects is to develop a student for a leadership role ahead.

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