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Capstone Presentation Ideas for University of Wisconsin–Madison

Capstone Portfolio Presentation

Capstone is the finale of learning at college. It combines the theoretical knowledge learned for the entire time spent in classes at one’s college with practical experience. Qualified capstone project writing requires one to work on a real practical project based on the area of one’s interest. The subject of the capstone topic can be anything related to any of the courses that a student has studied while at college. It is considered a stepping stone into the corporate or the real working world.

Since there are so many options available for a student to choose the subject of the capstone from, it might overwhelm the student. If this is the case, one should go to one’s professors or academic advisors for advice and suggestions. They will be able to help one guide towards his interest.

capstone presentation ideas wisconsin–madison university

The Capstone Document

The capstone document is one of the most professional documents that a student would be creating before stepping into the professional world. The capstone document should be free from all errors – grammatical or others. If one’s English language is not very strong, one can always take help from the many online tools to check for grammatical errors. There is also a capstone report format that one should follow to present the best document to the committee. The particular format for the final report is at the discretion of the advisor or the instructor. But most of the capstone report formats have much of the same material and formats.

Each department follows different formats in terms of citations and documentation needed. All students pursuing capstone should research about the particular style of formatting required before beginning the research work of the capstone project. Whichever style is used and followed, one should make sure to use the format consistently throughout the entire project.

Margins and page number placement should be as per the department requirements: Most likely the placements would be 1.5 inches for the left margin, 1 inch for the right and bottom margin and 1.5 inches from the top of the page. All thesis should contain a title page which would include the title of the project, author, name of University and department and month and year of graduation. All should be done according to capstone paper topics.

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What Is Required for Your Capstone Portfolio Presentation?

Always check your specific courses expectations for your paper. A UW Madison capstone computer science will have very different expectations than one written for their public health program. Most programs are looking for a paper that will be around 20 to 30 pages in length and written to the following structure:

  • Title Page: this will contain the name of your capstone project, your name and the program details.
  • Abstract: this is a short summary of the whole of your capstone, usually this will be the last thing that you will write.
  • Introduction: this is a brief overview of the background to the project and the issue that you will be looking to solve.
  • Problem description: a more detailed description of the issue and the questions that will be answered through your capstone.
  • Review of literature: give the reader an overview of what is already known about the topic of your research.
  • Methods: this should provide a description of the methods that you have employed to do your research and analysis. Information needs to be detailed enough to be able to repeat what you have done.
  • Results: this is the data that you have gathered and a description of your main findings.
  • Conclusions: this will be an analysis of the results relating it back to your problem and the objectives of your capstone.
  • References: a full list of all of the different sources that you cited within your paper.
  • Appendices: this will contain any information that is not included in the main body of your writing such as tables of data and questionnaires. This section will usually not count towards the required pages.

Capstone Presentation Ideas for Computer Science

Many students struggle with finding topic ideas for their capstone projects. One way in which you can come up with usable topics is by looking at ideas such as these:

  • Using neural networks for face recognition
  • Video streaming channel rate allocation
  • Analysis of effective packet systems in an ATM network
  • Design of attendance and tracking system
  • Verification system for digital signatures
  • Designing a secure transaction system
  • Association algorithm for distributed databases
  • Face recognition for a credit card reader
  • Analysis of stress levels in speech
  • Software for tracking and resolving customer complaints
  • Voice analysis for network security
  • Data mining techniques for intelligent shopping
  • Control of IP spoofing using domain packet filters
  • Credit card fraud detection system
  • Diagram maker for healthcare

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How to Write an Effective Madison CS Capstone

The following are some simple tips to help you to write an effective capstone portfolio presentation that will be to the standards expected of you:

  • Review the capstone requirements: ensure that you fully understand the specific expectations for the program with regards to academic format, structure and page count.
  • Ensure that you select a topic idea that will be suitable for you capstone. It must be feasible as well as a real world problem that has not yet been solved that will require the skills that you have learned.
  • Make an outline of your paper: use the section headings and make clear notes of what is expected within each part of your paper to guide your writing.
  • Plan your writing: while you may have what appears to be a lot of time it is surprising how quickly if goes. Always create a clear plan with milestones for completing the different parts of your paper.
  • Get into a routine for doing your writing: sit down at the same time and have an achievable number of words to write each day.
  • Ensure that you proofread your writing very carefully: mistakes can significantly affect the grades that you will get for your work and can even lead to your paper being rejected.

professional capstone portfolio presentationThe Benefits of Using Our Capstone Services

Before submitting the final version to the committee, one should make sure to revise the entire research performed and check the literature of the capstone paper for any grammatical errors. After working so hard on the capstone project, getting a bad grade because of some spelling or grammatical mistakes would be the biggest mistake one could make during the course. One can use many online tools to check for the grammatical errors in one’s paper.

Our specialists are highly effective and fully understand what is expected from your UW Madison capstone computer science. They work directly with you to make sure that your paper will be written just as you want it. All work is done according to your needs with subject qualified experts as well as all of the following:

  • Free proofreading: your capstone project will always be completed to the highest of standards and checked carefully by our certified proofreaders to ensure there are no errors.
  • Very competitive pricing: our affordable prices are stated clearly within our website so that you know exactly how little you will pay for our help.
  • Guaranteed originality: all of our help is provided from scratch with no possibility of copying.
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