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Capstone Project Guidelines for University of Miami

Students generally are not fans of the capstone projects. A capstone is the last step before one’s graduation as outlined by the degree requirements. Not many students understand the value of this capstone project until they have stepped into the working world after graduation. This final course of the college capstone might seem frustrating and a daunting task but once completed, the capstone project course usually becomes one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences in a student’s college career.

Things to Consider before Writing Your Capstone University of Miami

Before you begin your project, you want to consider what your topic will be. Make sure that you are able to gather the proper amount of information. You can be creative in the structure and writing style of the paper, as many other students are required to complete the capstone project as well. When choosing the topic of your paper, make sure that you can relate to the topic in a personal, academic, and/or professional manner.

capstone project guidelines miami uni

You are the student who is going to be noticed by the ones reading this paper, so be confident in what you want the reader (audience) to know. You will want to make sure that the subject you have chosen is approved by your capstone mentor or teacher. We are here to assist you in your journey, so make sure you are prepared to have your subject, as well as outline ready. While considering the services we offer, remember that we can help in many ways and have many options for you to consider. When you have successfully created the structure of your project and have chosen which services you’d like to use, get organized and set your plan of attack.

Things you should know about capstone:

  • Capstone has many services to offer to assist you with your project, such as help creating your paper, generating a thesis statement, and many more.
  • This capstone assignment is the final milestone in your degree. Therefore, many people will read this paper, so make sure that you take the project seriously.
  • Your capstone paper should relay more information than what is already known on the subject. Do not just add information that you found through your research. Rather, form statements based on your knowledge, research, and experience.
  • The capstone paper you develop will show your understanding, drive, commitment, and passion for your degree/career choice. You want your audience to feel your passion and understand your explanations as well as your goals.


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How to Do a Capstone Project

Selecting a topic is one of the biggest concerns that students have and are worried about that before even registering for the capstone course. But selecting a topic does not have to fret anyone regarding the capstone project guidelines, instead it can be a very fun experience. One is free to choose a topic that interests one the most and is passionate about the most. The topic selected can have a personal or professional meaning for an individual. One can choose a topic from one’s work environment or from experience or just rising from passion and interest in the topic.

How to Structure Your Capstone Paper

The structure of your capstone paper should include everything that your school’s guidelines require as well as any added requirements per the degree. That being said be sure to include your title page, table of contents, signature page, reference page, statement of purpose, summary, defense/conclusion, and any other required section. Remember that each degree requirement is different, so pay attention to the instructions your school and/or department has given you.

Taking a capstone as the only course during a term or not depends on the student taking the course. Some students have a multi-tasking ability and find it just fine to manage other courses along with the capstone in one term. However, there are students who choose to focus only on their capstone research project during one term, so they only register for the capstone in one term. One should consider one’s professional and personal abilities to perform when thinking about this question. One should be honest with oneself and one will be better off with the right decision. Also, be ready for answering the most common capstone discussion question.

Capstone Paper Writing Tips

Tips for your capstone paper for the University of Miami can be found in their handbook for capstone projects. This handbook includes items such as how to ensure that your paper is based on evidence, how to relate your findings to the real world (career), and how you will want to support your academic and professional interests throughout your paper. The University of Miami also suggests that your paper is related to the information that is required in the guidelines for your specific capstone project.

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Capstone Paper Writing Steps

Capstone papers have their own steps to help you through this process. The first step is to time-travel through your memories, to your previous years in school, all the way to your freshman year. They suggest that you go over previous essays, exams, and other past assignments in order to recall what you’ve personally learned. Once you have done this, they ask that you remember this moment. Your capstone paper is a research paper, so gather your previous research papers and have them readily available. When you have chosen your topic, and are trying to get approval for it, you will want to make your statement on your choice of topic shows how you can incorporate your previous work done on said topic.

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You will want to collect enough current references, whether it be books, websites, journal entries, or other scholarly works to provide enough supporting evidence throughout your paper; remember that some of your references will already have been used in your previous work. Be sure to make a plan that includes your outline for the project, deadlines, and a time schedule. Take notes on all of the research you have done and on your own previous work so that you can form a new perspective and a fresh outlook on your stance. Write your conclusion and introduction last, this will allow you to properly explain and revise your thesis statement.

Analyzing Trends

All industries undergo many changes in just a few years. And analyzing those trends and figuring out issues and problems in any industry and trying to find a suitable solution for the same would be a big research project that one would have undertaken in the capstone project. And almost any potential employer would be impressed by the kind of hard work one must have put into a project like that of applied research. In capstone projects, students get to look at real world situations and work on them from their own view point and knowledge and discuss and present potential solutions to the many issues.

capstone university of miami helpExpert Advice on How to Write Capstone Paper Perfectly

In order to have a clear and concise paper, first, you will want to devise a plan that includes your possible titles for the project, the order of your paper and/or an outline, your thesis statements, and a general idea of what you want to talk about. Your outline should show the formation of your paragraphs and include one main point and three subpoints per paragraph. Do not repeat any point you have previously made and make sure that your conclusion restates your thesis statement in a way as to not reuse words or make the same points. Finally, always be sure that you have enough evidence to support your claims and be confident in your stance.

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