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100+ Great BSN Capstone Project Ideas + Samples! March 2019

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BSN Capstone Project Writing Process

A common problem for many nursing students is to come up with acceptable BSN capstone project ideas. A capstone project for BSN program is used to assess a students’ knowledge and ability by seeing how they apply what they have learned to real-life situations.

They will look at changing/implementing a procedure, policy or process in one of these three areas that result in better care for patients overall. Nursing capstone projects focus on practice-based applications rather than knowledge-generating research so capstone project ideas in nursing should be something that can be feasibly implemented as far as resources and funding are concerned. Discover best nursing capstone project topics from our well-experienced specialists.

100 bsn capstone project ideas

Good BSN Capstone Project Ideas

There is practically a limitless selection of good BSN capstone project ideas that students can choose from. It is advisable that students choose a topic they are truly interested in and that they won’t have to undertake additional studies to work on. For instance, an accounting capstone project shouldn’t deal with large businesses and corporations if the student hasn’t completed any kind of practice in such corporations yet. The topic must also be approved by the appropriate authority. A good way to come up with a topic is to look at projects in areas that interest you and see if you can build or add to something another has done.

The following are some interesting nursing capstone ideas:

  • Clinical utility of a cardiac skills checklist for teens
  • Transitioning from student to RN: bridging the gap with simulation
  • Implementation of bedside shift report
  • Quality of life for the patient with congestive heart failure
  • Dimensional analysis: an easy method for all dosage calculations
  • Management of diabetes in African American education about asthma and care in nursing homes
  • Pain management improvements in post-anesthesia care units
  • Lyme disease prevention
  • Management and prevention of diabetes
  • Public health advocacy to improve rural access to care for pregnant women
  • Dementia patient management using non-pharmacological methods
  • Treatment and prevention of obesity among children
  • HPV vaccination and awareness for patients
  • Prevention of readmissions for stroke patients
  • Breastfeeding support to improve infant health
  • Review of nursing roles
  • Nursing staff professional development and training
  • Coping with patients with ADHD
  • Monitoring of heart patients with sleep apnea
  • Review of visitation models
  • Behavioral health interventions to reduce incidents of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Diarrhea prevention through the use of probiotics after the use of antibiotics
  • Patient-centered medical facility strategic planning
  • Prevention of dementia patient dysfunctional behavior
  • Emergency planning systems

BSN Capstone Examples

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BSN nursing capstone project example    BSN nursing capstone paper
When selecting BSN capstone project ideas a student will generally choose from one of three broad categories:
  • Management – deals with paperwork processes, rules, regulations that are part of patient care
  • Clinical – deals with the actual treatment of patients
  • Education – deals with educating a population on better health practices and preventive measures.


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Tips for Successful BSN Capstone Paper

Many nursing students struggle with writing BSN capstone papers. Capstone projects for BSN students assess their ability to apply their knowledge to practical situations. The topics include implementing the theories they learned from school. Capstone projects in nursing should be focused on providing the best care to enhance their practical knowledge.

The following are tips on writing successful BSN capstone paper:

  • Choose a practical topic. Your topic must be feasible and practical. It should reflect an everyday use.
  • Choose a specific topic. Narrow down your topic to the most specific – from target audience to methodology.
  • Categorize your topic. In specifying the topic, you can narrow it down to management, clinical or education.
  • Make an outline. This helps you get your topic, content, and references organized.
  • Research well. Filter information well. Related studies and published materials should be verified.
  • Format your paper well. A well-formatted paper is engaging to read. It also reflects organization.
  • Write the summary first. It gives your paper the boundaries and direction to what specifically it is about for the best results.
  • Write down the references. Do it while doing your research to avoid forgetting your sources.
  • Write in a clear and concise manner. Be specific and direct to the point. Use simple words as much as possible.
  • Proofread your work. Make sure it is free from factual, grammatical, and punctuation error.
  • Ask someone to edit your work. Another person can spot the errors you failed to see when you’re writing the paper.
  • Hire someone who offers BSN capstone writing. Online services like ours offer professional writing services for BSN students.

capstone project for bsn program help

We Can Help with BSN Capstone Project Topic Selection

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