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How Many Pages Should My Capstone Paper Be?

how many pages is my paper long

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Your supervisor or tutor will provide you with a clear answer as to how many pages you will need to cover with your paper. This will vary greatly depending on where you are within your education and also what subject area you are within. What is clear however is that you should try to keep within the requirements that are placed on you.

Writing more or less than is expected can have a significant impact on your final grades and even your chances of graduation. The specific requirements placed upon you for everything from your paper length to the specific format to use must be followed to the letter if you want to get good results.

A capstone paper could be 12 to 15 pages or it may be 45 to 50 pages. You need to get clear direction from your tutor before you start; after all, this will dictate the depth of the research that you will need to undertake and how much writing you will need to do within each section of your report. You also need to clarify which pages are included in your page count. Many will exclude pages such as your title page and appendices from the total count. Discover also how to put references in a paper correctly.

Is It OK to Do More Pages Than Requested?

The reason for an upper limit to your writing is to prevent you from writing a paper that is just too broad that is going to lack focus. It is also to give the person marking a clear idea of how long their task is going to take.
Writing a paper that is too long will mean that the reviewer will have to take extra time to go through your paper, and that is unlikely to make them happy with you. They may even decide to cut their review short and award you a lower grade.

If your paper is too long you should take a careful look at what you have written with an eye to reducing its length. Often this is caused by writing that is simply too flowery and you will have to work through making each section more concise by removing all of the unnecessary fluff from your writing. You may also need to look at your focus; maybe you are writing at length about things that are not entirely relevant to the main thrust of your paper.

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Is It OK to Submit a Paper That Is Short on Page Count?

estimate the length of my paper toolPapers that are too short will probably lack substance or will not contain the level of detail that your supervisor is looking for. You really do need to ensure that you exceed the absolute minimum that is required of you. This does not, however, mean that you should add additional fluff if you have met the minimum page count and want to read the maximum.

Falling short of the minimum, however, is really an indication that you have not done all that you could have done and you should go back to see where you have fallen short. This may mean revising a single section of your paper such as your literature review to expand on the background to your research or working on your methodology to make it clearer as to why you choose the methods that you used.

While you could just add fluff to increase your word count this really should not be encouraged as a way forward. The person evaluating your paper will want to judge the quality of what you have written and if your writing is seen to be unfocused then they may easily grade your work poorly.

How Many Pages Are 3000 Words?

Sometimes you will be given a word count rather than a page count and you will want to have a good idea of how one converts to another. There are of course many factors that will affect the number of pages that your writing takes up such as the style of your writing and of course things such as the font size that you use. It will also depend on if your writing is double or single spaced.

As a general rule of thumb, a single page of the writing of 12pt writing using a font such as Times New Roman or Arial will have around 500 words. So double spaced that would be 250 words. This gives a good estimate that you can use to convert pages to words and vice versa. So going by this:

  • How many pages are 3000 words? – This would be around 6 pages single spaced or 12 pages double-spaced.
  • How many pages are 2000 words? – This would be 4 pages or 8 pages double-spaced.
  • How many pages are 1500 words? – This is around 3 pages if you use single spacing or 6 pages if double.

How Can I Estimate the Length of My Paper

To estimate the length of the page and word counts you can use our handy tool. With the click of a button, you will be able to see everything from how many words you have used through to the number of pages your paper takes up. Don’t forget however that many courses will not count all of the pages in your capstone such as your abstract and title page towards you final count.

Use our simple tool to ensure that you fully understand how well you are meeting the requirements that have been placed on you for your paper.

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