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Funniest College Jokes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor

Life in College: The Brief Overview

Every student wants to have the best time in college when they pass out from the school. The life of college isn’t identical to the school’s life. You definitely quit the list of teenagers and said to become a sensible grown-up individual. There is no point to compare college life with the time you’ve spent in school. Every six out of ten college students spend more joyous time and make more friends in college rather than university students. The funniest college jokes, hanging out with friends and long sessions of conversations make this life more fun-filled and unforgettable and help you go through all the assignments, lectures and capstone paper a lot easier.


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Do you know that 73% of the students never attend the university or college on regular basis? The detailed list of stats about college life can help you in knowing more about it.

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The College Student Life and Examples of Failed Admission

Here are some important examples of funny college admission failure that are comical as well. Read these examples here:


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  • Many of us don’t know that founder of Microsoft Inc Bill Gates was a high school dropout. Every time, he used to work on tasks of personal interests rather than studying. This has become the reason for his admission cancellation.
  • Isaac Newton was also expelled from college as he were among the disinterested students in studies. Therefore, he was unable to get admission back

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College Students Jokes

Some fascinating jokes of college would let you know about the type of humor students like in college life:

  1. The ultimate fact about the life of college is “If a girl loves a boy, no one knows except the girl. But if a boy loves a girl, everyone knows except the girl”.
  2. An anonymous said, “I was told that College would be the best years of my life. The 20k debt and three years of depression determined that was a lie”.

You can read the best comical college jokes on our site. Don’t forget to share with friends and learn more about the funniest side of college life.

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Points Not to Skip Before Going to College

As a future student of the college, you must be familiar with some important points. Have a look at these suggested things to consider:

  1. Remember that college studies are tougher than school. So, don’t think about taking it lightly.
  2. Set a few limits to enjoy the college life to its full. For instance, stay away from smokers.
  3. Learn the ways to behave well in college. Respect the teachers and students.
  4. Talk to the former college students and get suggestions from them about spending an ideal best life in college. This is quite helpful in making college time more memorable.

These points must be kept in mind when you are all set to enter high school. The college life is hard to spend if you are not prepared for it in advance. But you always can get capstone assignment writing help. It can be either funny or too boring. Now it’s upon you to keep balance in the humorous side of college life and studies. There is a variety of college students who excel in studies as well as never leave any stone unturned in enjoying with friends. This should be the spirit to spend quality time in college by making it memorable. It is highly suggested to manage the time in studies and making it best in all other aspects. The students who are sensible and enjoyed every fun moment in college by securing good grades are great examples to be followed. If you are still confused or nervous, the recommended way is to ask from any old college student. In this way, you can get the proper solution to all related issues with no hassle.

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Share the funniest college jokes with friends that won’t only make you laugh but also spread helpful suggestions as well. Let’s learn more about the funny side of college life!