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Graduate Project: Finishing the Study with a Boom

What Is Your Graduate Project

The graduate project is usually completed as your final task when studying within a grad school. Usually, this will take the form of a thesis paper of a graduate capstone project depending on the subject and the type of course that you are following. Whatever form your project takes, however, it must be completed to a very high standard to demonstrate your subject mastery. Writing a final year project is not simple and it is going to take a significant amount of hard work on your part. Your final paper must be written to very exacting standards and cannot contain any errors of any form if you are going to get the degree that you are seeking.

Failing to submit your paper or submitting work that is any way substandard will lose you any hope of gaining that higher level degree. So it is very important that you plan your paper and project very carefully to ensure that you get everything completed as required.

Selecting Graduate Project Ideas

There are some 850 thousand students offered places at grad school each year and each will be expected to complete some form of the unique project. A project at this level must be totally unique and also of importance to your field of study. It must also be considered of sufficient importance for study at this level within your education.

Selecting a topic area for your research is often one of the most difficult parts of your project. After all how many unique ideas are out there to look into and what is going to really gain your interest. It is very important that you work hard to find something that holds a real interest for you. After all trying to research something that you lose interest in after a few months is not going to be easy at all.

graduation project paper tips

So spending additional time at the graduate project proposal stage to confirm your topic area is time well spent. You will need to conduct your initial literature review at this stage to provide a clear background and setting for your own research so this is an ideal time to confirm that it is a suitable area for your own research.

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Graduate Project Topic Areas

One way to get ideas of topic areas for your own research is to look at lists of what others suggest as possible investigations. Even if they are not precisely right for you, they may trigger ideas of your own that will provide you with the topic that you are looking for.


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The following suggestions for graduate topics are some that you could follow:

  1. Are wind turbines an effective and environmentally friendly solution
  2. The effects of military support on country development
  3. What is the future for social security
  4. How is the media driving hate crimes
  5. Should limits be implemented on immigration from various countries
  6. Will democracy work within the middle east
  7. The effects of parental leave on business performance
  8. What drives and causes police brutality
  9. Should politicians have a right to privacy
  10. What level of population can the world sustain
  11. High levels of sugar in food is fueling obesity
  12. Are fast food joints “healthy options” really healthy?
  13. Study a specific artist and analyze their work
  14. Does involvement in sports help classroom performance?
  15. What first aid is most appropriate for new mothers to learn?
  16. Are there filters that can prevent social network bullying?
  17. Is organic food really better for you?
graduation project topic how to find

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Writing an Effective Project Paper

Each subject and university will have very specific requirements as to how your paper should be organized and formatted. You should ensure that you follow their guidelines to the letter if you don’t want to have any issues with your paper being accepted when completed. Learn ideas on how to write a capstone paper and use it within a tour project.

The following guidelines will show you what you should cover within a typical outline for your paper:

  • The title page: this will usually contain your name, department, supervisor and other information as well as the actual title of your research paper.
  • Abstract: this is a summary of your paper and will usually be a maximum of a page in length. It needs to fully summarize your paper so that anyone reading will understand what your paper is about and what the main findings were. You will usually write this after the rest of the paper is complete.
  • The introduction: within this section, you will introduce your research and show why you will undertake it. You also need to provide a full background for your topic area to give it context as well as showing the importance of what you will do. This is also where you need to clearly identify your thesis or argument to provide your paper and research with focus.
  • Methods: this section needs to fully detail the methodology that you have applied in gaining your results. It should be in sufficient detail for any other researcher to be able to replicate what you have done and to be able to judge the validity of the results that you have obtained.
  • Results: this section will detail out all of the results that were obtained through your research and should explain the nature and statistical significance of what you have found.
  • Discussion: this is the section in which you will interpret what the results actually mean rather than just looking at the raw data. This should highlight any patterns that are observed and relationships etc. Do not simply jump to conclusions based on what you see, suggest alternative reasons why the results could be as observed.
  • Conclusion: refer back to your thesis and the problem you are seeking to solve. Report your findings and how they answer your investigation.
  • Recommendations: this should cover any call to action that you may want to make and also highlight any future research that you feel is required based on what you have discovered.

As Michael Perfect says:

“There will always be unanswered questions – don’t try to ignore or, even worse, obfuscate them. On the contrary, actively draw attention to them; identify them in your conclusion as areas for further investigation.”

  • References: your bibliography should fully list all of the sources that you have cited in your paper.
  • Appendices: this should contain all of your data and other information that would otherwise interrupt the flow of your paper if it was lodged within the text.


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Your graduation paper can be thought of as an extended essay that must have a very clear and focused thesis statement and be supported by clear evidence. It can be written in any essay style such as argumentative, analytical, cause and effect, or any other. Generally, your paper must be from 6 to 8 pages in length of your own writing. You must never copy anything that you see elsewhere and if quotes are used they must be appropriately cited in your paper. Plagiarism will be treated harshly and should be totally avoided.

tips for graduate capstone project

The following advice for writing your graduation paper should be followed so that you avoid the most common mistakes that students make:

  • Ensure that your research question or thesis is clearly defined so that you have a clear focus for your research and for your writing. Without a clearly defined focus for your research, you will find it very difficult to do your project and you will also not get the marks that you need. Your thesis should also be in bold type within your introduction to make it stand out.
  • Ensure that your introduction shows how your thesis statement has been developed and shows its importance within the subject in which it lays.
  • You will be required to cover at least 5 sources of information for your paper. You need to be able to clearly show if those sources are reliable and if they are biased in any way. You also need to ensure that not every source is direct from Google; ensure that you use your school or the public library to get information on your subject from areas other than the internet. You should also not use any general encyclopedias to provide your sources.
  • You will need to generate an original graphic of some description for your paper. This can be a graph, pie chart, sketch, floor plan or anything else appropriate for your paper. This should not be simply copied and pasted into your report, you must create it yourself.
  • Your conclusion must be clear and concise and show logically how your sources support the thesis that you have outlined.
  • The paper must be completed in the correct academic format which is usually APA or MLA. This includes the citations within your work.
  • Your works cited page or bibliography must clearly show all of the sources that are mentioned in your paper in the correct paper.
  • Carefully proofread your paper from start to finish to ensure that there are no errors in your writing. A good way to improve your proofreading is to pair with other students and proofread and critique each other’s works.

As with any other writing, it is always best to start with a clear graduation project outline so that you have a clear understanding of what you will write and how. This will prevent a huge amount of rewriting as your project progresses.

graduate capstone project help

We Can Support Your Project Writing and Editing

Completing either a graduate capstone project or a thesis is not an easy task and many students will require support at some point in their work. Writing an effective paper that will meet the strict guidelines imposed is not an easy task and this is why you may want to turn to our specialized support for help. Our support is completely flexible and able to provide you with targeted support staff that are fully qualified within the areas in which they work.

Through our highly qualified and very experienced specialists, you can get help with every step of your project from selecting your topic area through to preparing your presentation. All of the help that we provide is unique and carefully proofread to eliminate any errors. Our services always deliver on-time so that you will never miss a deadline and are covered by our full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

If you need help with writing or editing your graduate project just contact our highly dedicated and qualified specialists today for a reliable support that you can trust!