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How Become Awarded from Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

Selecting Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

A big part of many mechanical engineering degree programs is the capstone project. Mechanical engineering capstone projects may be done as a group project or as an individual project depending on the particular school and its program.

Mechanical Engineering Research Template

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A capstone project for mechanical engineering requires that students define a design problem, carry out the research and design that solves the problem, and demonstrate results. Some programs may offer pre-approved capstone project ideas or students may have to come up with their own idea. When looking for mechanical engineering capstone project ideas consider the following:

  • Your area of study – Select a topic that you won’t have to take new class subjects on before starting. Stick to a topic area that was covered in your studies.
  • Look for real life industrial problems in your field – our particular field of study is bound to have real life problems that you can base your capstone project on.
  • Look for industry sponsored projects – Some companies suggest capstone projects that relate to their business. They will often provide backing for projects they propose.


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left-quote-white“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” – Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor, mechanical and electrical engineer



Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas That Get Awarded

The capstone project for mechanical engineering that you do can sometimes provide you with for than a learning experience and the necessary requirements to complete a degree although these are two good reasons for coming up with a good capstone project idea. Other ways students mechanical engineering capstone project ideas can be awarded are:

  • Recognition by the department or school – Outstanding projects often receive special recognition from the school or the engineering department. This recognition will always help out a resume and sometimes is attached to some kind of financial reward for further research.
  • Industry recognition – Companies that sponsor capstone research sometimes give awards to those who have successfully designed and solved an industry related problem. They may fund further research or an award could be in the form of an offer for employment after graduation.

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