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Why Do You Need Citations?

When you write a capstone or any other form of article you will be having to refer to many other sources of information. This may be in the form of quotations, summaries of what has been said or simply referring to what something was about. In all cases, however, you should give credit to the words and ideas that you are referring to so as to avoid charges of plagiarism. So you have to put a research paper references if you want to give credit where it is due and to prevent any issues.

Not only must you cite your sources you must also do it in a very formal manner with a precise format so that anyone reading your text will understand how to find the information that you are referring to. There are many different styles of creating references in research paper and you have to ensure that you use the right one if you want your document to be awarded the best grades.

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How to Go About Citing

Citing is important so that your reader will clearly see when you are refereeing to what someone else has already said or discovered. There are a couple of well-established methods that are used with making in-text references research paper; these are the author-date methods and numeric type.

In-text mentions in author-date types as used within styles such as APA will look something like the following:

  • Smith, (2001) says that “Always put your quotes in inverted commas” (p. 99).
  • Quotes must always be used sparingly and only when the actual words used are important (Smith, 2001, p.103).

Using numeric type will usually require putting a number as they are made within the text such as:

  • A study in 2004 (1) showed…
  • The works of Smith [2] show that…
  • The last work of Jones3 tells us…
  • The report published by Wells4…

Numeric style references in a research paper can be used when using types such as MLA although many styles of formatting academic writing allow being used. The important thing is to be consistent with your essay and not to change what you are doing at any point.

All of the mentions that you make within your text are then followed up by your bibliography section. This will contain a full list of all of the sources that you have used when making your report.

How to List Them In

Your bibliography is where you provide a full list of each and every source that you have used within the writing of your task. This list can usually be organized in one of two ways. In author-date academic references for research paper, your sources are usually listed in alphabetical order within your page. In numeric mentions, they are usually written in the numeric order in which they appear within your text. This can cause some challenges if you add an extra source part way through your writing and then have to renumber all of the writing references in research paper.

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The following will provide you with several examples of how your references for research paper should appear:

APA Citation Style

Learning how to put a book in a paper APA does not have to be difficult.

The following are APA style examples how you should mention within your bibliography at the end of your document will show you just how yours should look:

For a book:

  • Author, A.A.. (The Year of Publication). The title of the work. Publisher City, State: Publisher.
  • Smith, A.B. (2001). Book of Words. New York, NY: Ladybird.

For a website:

  • Author, A.A.. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article title. Retrieved from URL
  • Smith, C.D. (2010, January 12). How to Cite Your Paper Right. Retrieved from

MLA Citation Style

The following are simple examples of how writing references for research paper when using the MLA style:

For a book:

  • Surname, First Initial. Book title. Publisher, Year.
  • Smith, Eddy G. Book about something. Knopf, 1994.

For a website:

  • Surname, first then initial. “Title of the article.” Site, URL of Page Accessed Date.
  • Jones, Susie J. “How to get it right first time.” TheWebsite, time/ Accessed March 20, 2017.

Chicago/Turabian Citation Style

The following is how to write mentions in thesis bibliography sections using the Chicago or Turabian type of referencing:

For a book:

  • Last name, First name. The title of Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication.
  • Smyth, Wilbur. Life and times of big Bo. Cambridge: University Press, 1918.

For a Website:

  • Last name, First name. “Title of Web Page.” Publishing Organization or Name of Website in Italics. Publication date and/or access date if available. URL.
  • Bowman, Bert. “The long and the short.” Web shorts. Accessed March 20, 2017. https://webshorts/thelongandtheshort/.

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