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Finally had a chance to look over the paper, very well written. I saw a few minor grammar errors. Nothing major, the content and lay out were exactly what was described. Thank you very much for all the hard work put into this.

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How to Write a Perspective Paper

Present a New and Unique Viewpoint with Our Professional Help

Perspective Paper | Things to Remember

Do you know the meaning of personal perspective paper? It refers to an essay where a writer gives his/her opinion that does not need to be supported, explained or documented. Any author in this kind of paper is free to explore his/her thoughts, feelings or even conclusions. This paper also deals with the reason of the people for thinking and is normally not about an idea being correct or wrong. Normally, these papers give students a chance to voice their opinions and feelings concerning certain topics or events.

This gives the teachers an opportunity to be able to see how well students communicate and also get to know more about their students. This kind of a capstone paper writing can be assigned to a topic that is specific, like as being instructed to write a perspective paper specifically on the school dress codes. In other cases, they can be more open-ended, like describing an ideal environment of the school or how their daily lives have brought some changes since their parents were in school. Medical topics are a completely different story, though. You can take a look at our BSN capstone project examples to have a better understanding of what the capstone should talk about.

personal perspective paper writing help

How to Write a Good Personal Perspective Paper

Special instructions for perspective writing:

  • First of all, define the topic of this project assignment. You can have a specific topic which you have been assigned. If not, try as much as possible to focus on a topic that you recently gave thought to or even something you can feel strongly about.
  • Identify the point or thesis for your personal perspective paper. Everything that follows should come from this particular thesis statement.
  • Have a point of view which is clear. In this case, you have to be well informed by reading the other perspectives for this will bring your personal view.
  • Back up the perspective, you have with examples, research to be able to clearly communicate the personal perspective you have on the topic.
  • Organize your paper with a well-defined introduction, body and also conclusion. The conclusion should be able to echo or in another case tie into the introduction part. Any kind of superfluous information must be deleted.


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Top 20 Tips from the Expert on How to Write a Perspective Paper


Before you start writing your perspective paper, it is necessary to investigate the subject. When you are well acquainted with the topic, then you will be able to write most of your words without plagiarism. Use the Internet, professional journals that handle the theme and of course the library to find the information you need. When you do a research, it’s time to start writing your paper.


When you’re done researching the topic and have all the information you need about the area you’re writing on, it’s time to analyze the arguments of your topic. Define the reasons why you are writing a perspective paper, the key essence, and also find the weaknesses of the topic that you could deeper analyze. Find online works that others have written and follow their example.


Create your own list of questions about the topic you are writing and answering them. You can use them to write papers and make the job easier. You can also compile a folder where you can visualize the keywords you want to touch while writing a job. When you go with one, ideas will come to you from yourself.


Get the best idea that comes to your mind and use it. The thesis is actually a topic that will help readers understand what they are reading and what is the reason for writing.


Make a sketch of your work before you start writing. With one sentence, describe the paragraphs you are writing to make writing easier. You also sketch the content to help keep track of the writing process.

Instructions for writing paper

At the very beginning, it is necessary to read the text and guidelines from which we have to compile a paper several times. When reading the second time, it is good to point out the phrases so that we know what way to go. Furthermore, it is necessary to compile a paper writing plan, based on the introduction, elaboration and conclusion. Do not forget that there is no universal answer to any one topic so present your own opinions.

Paper writing plan

To write a paper, it is important to determine and analyze the topic and note and choose the main problems we will deal with in the paper. Here, remember the knowledge related to the paper field. In the second step, create the paper plan and write a detailed breakdown. Construct the introduction and conclusion of the paper. Read everything you wrote and correct the mistakes if you have them. The introduction should include the subject of paper and guidelines that we will further analyze in the development. There are several arguments to cover. The sentences should be clear and not too long. The paper development is the most comprehensive and most important part of the paper. Your thoughts should be supported by arguments and quotes. Remember that much of the paper must have your personal attitude. The paper has to deal with and provide answers to the questions raised in the introduction.


Your paper must start with the introduction to let the reader know what the topic and purpose of writing is. The introduction must be attractive enough and make the reader continue to read your work and dedicate it to his precious time.


Snacks are extremely important in every work, because it gets clearer and easier to read. Each paragraph you write should focus on the idea of your topic. Write as if you were talking to your reader. You can also recite your paper to voice and see any errors.


Use the conclusion to briefly describe everything you wrote in your work. In conclusion, write down everything you want the reader to remember and learn after reading your work. The paper end must contain the essence or the final thought of the whole work.


After you write down everything you want, it’s time to fix the grammatical errors and the tip fisher. Read it a few times until it sounds all the way you want it. Feel perfection because you never know in whose hands your work will come and can open you. If you think you’ve missed something right because you read it a lot and you know it all, let your friends read it because they might notice the mistakes you did not.

Do not wait for inspiration

If you only write when you have inspiration, you may be a pretty decent writer, but you will never write an exceptional paper – for at the moment you may have to write a number of words, and these words will not wait for you, whether or not you are inspired. Creative blockade can be a frustrating and frightening experience. First, work on multiple projects at the same time, so when you spend your first project, you can switch to another. Secondly, continue to write even when your inspiration is overwhelmed and you have been guilty of any word you have written desperate. Often your inspirational experience is subjective.

Find your own unique voice

Tell your story. Do not try to talk about stories that other people can tell. As a novel writer, you will always begin to write the voices of other people because you were reading other writers back in the years but, as soon as possible, start talking stories you can only tell – because there will always be better and smarter writers than you, but you are unique and inimitable. It’s easy to waste time by comparing with others and pretending to be someone else, but it’s true that you are actually your most important asset. Do not imitate others, it just stops you. Do something unique and yours, whatever it is.

Do not be overwhelmed with the first version

It is hard for to persuade oneself that what you wrote in the first version does not matter. One way to break the ice is to find out how important it is not. No one will see your first version. No one cares about your first version. And that’s what can torture you, but honestly, whatever you do, can be improved. Writing your first version can be scary, unpleasant, and often uncomfortable. You may feel that there is a gap between your writing and the writing you would like to achieve. It’s all normal. The point is to be steady despite the uncertainties that can endure you. Try to manually write your first version because you will feel less pressure – what you write is not “real” until you type it. If there is anything you can do to make it easier to write, then do it.

Make errors

You’re a perfectionist? Bait of playing on the safe and fear of falling is a powerful and paralyzing cocktail. Readiness to ignore, exploit, and make mistakes is of paramount importance. Why? When you make mistakes you are creating new things, trying out something new, learning, living, motivating, and changing your world. Do what you did not do before, and, more importantly, do something. Do not be afraid, do not stand, do not think about whether it’s good enough and whether it’s perfect, whatever it is: art or love, work, family or life. Whatever you fear, just do it.

Be kind to yourself

Writing is a skill, and good writing cannot be learned overnight, but we are still punishing ourselves when our writing is not at the top level as it is with our favorite writers. We forgot that our idols did not always write bestsellers. Do not disgrace your work, instead write more. And remember that everybody who wrote something is worth writing first a few bad things. As you learn, be kind to yourself as you would be kind to someone who learns something as difficult as juggling, dancing, and acting. Learn from your mistakes and be better, and one day you will write something that you will not dump. (Also, it’s normal if you do not like something you wrote, but do not want to dislike yourself because you’ve written it.)

Ask your friends to help you

If you are able, be sure to seek help from your friends. When you develop a certain topic in a perspective paper, it is often not possible to see some logical problems in the argument, and this can be overcome by another person that will make your mistakes easier to detect. Be sure to ask your friends about your argumentation scheme and seek advice for improvement.

Take care of homonyms and homophones

Homonyms are words that are written the same, but have different meanings, and homophones are words that are differently written, but pronounced the same. These two terms are important to keep in mind. You have to watch out for words such for example which/witch, buy/by, and right/write. To avoid this, ask a friend to read the paper as this increases the likelihood that the error will be detected and then corrected.

Watch out for the paper layout

The essence of a paper often depends on the professor you are writing for. Some prefer the Cambridge, and the other Oxford quotation quotes, some require a line spacing 1.5, and another 2.0. It is very important that you know what kind of a paper your professor expects, otherwise you will definitely be asked for corrections.

Do not forget the importance of reference

Since all faculties have strict punishment policy regarding plagiarism, do not use the copy-paste method. Also, some professors religiously check your references so make sure they are exactly listed. Further, because of the wrong references, the professor may refuse the paper or deny you points that may affect your final grade. References are very important in academic writing so be sure to take care of them.

Personal Perspective Example

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Ask Professionals for Help with a Perspective Paper


As a student, with these few important ideas to have on how to write a personal perspective paper, it is of great importance for you to be able to write the best personal perspective paper. So, in case you are asked to write one, don’t hesitate to try using these few important tips and at the end of it, you will come up with the best personal perspective essay. If you still worrying about how to create a well-written personal perspective paper, be sure to rely on our high-quality assistance. Our specialists familiar with all writing peculiarities and always ready to provide you with the best support. Trust us and you will obviously achieve the results you need.

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