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How to Write a Senior Capstone Project Gonzaga University

Senior Capstone Project for Gonzaga University

Being enrolled at Gonzaga University, you are guaranteed to go through a capstone course in your senior year if you meet all capstone project requirements for MIT or Gonzaga University. And one of the tasks that you would have to do is to write a paper for the course. Writing a senior capstone project Gonzaga will require a thorough understanding of how to start and complete it.

The first thing to do is to consider the following factors:

  • Requirements specified in writing your capstone project
  • Deadlines you need to consider
  • Topics you need to tackle (Either chosen or provided)
  • Goals and aims of the capstone project

After taking note of these important factors, the next thing to do is to figure out how to write a capstone paper. And in doing so, you should first be familiarized of the different parts of the paper.

why choose capstone in ganzaga university

Parts of a Gonzaga Capstone Project You Should Know About

The perfect thing to do in writing the draft of your capstone paper is to make an outline for your draft. And in doing this, you need to consider the major parts of the paper. A capstone project is inclusive of two major types- the initial senior capstone paper and the final capstone project paper. The former includes the proposal plan of the project while the latter is the concluded project paper that is the product of the entire project.

For the initial part of the paper, it is inclusive of the following parts:

  • Introduction. Inclusive of the rationale and background of the proposed project that is recommended to be 1 page in length
  • Description of the problem. Clearly and distinctly state the project’s goal, as well as the problem that will be addressed by the project
  • Literature review. Includes important literature and articles regarding the problem addressed or the project proposed
  • Description of the project. Describes the proposed timeline and methodology of how to conduct the entire project from inception to completion
  • References. Includes a list of references which were used in the proposal (Usually in APA format)

best senior capstone project gonzaga writing help

After the proposal and the entire project, writing the final senior capstone project Gonzaga would require more parts compared to its proposal counterpart.

It includes:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Description of the problem
  • Literature review
  • Description of the project
  • Conclusions and lesson learned
  • References
  • Appendices

The big difference included would be the abstract of the project, which is basically the summary of the entire product and the conclusions and lesson learned. The latter would discuss the findings it got from the entire project and what the project’s impacts are.


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Simple Steps to Follow in Writing Senior Capstone Project

There are different types of senior capstone projects that students need to accomplish, depending on the discipline they are under in. When it comes to Gonzaga engineering capstone, a more hands-on approach is used and recommended. It usually involves completing Gonzaga senior capstone design first then working on the design to create something innovative and tangible.

For writing a capstone project though, these simple steps can help you in completing it:

  • Choose the topic you are going to write about. Most capstone projects provide students the freedom to explore their choices of projects that can fully maximize what they learn
  • Research as much as you can. Before conducting the project, researching will always be a must. Research everything you can about the topic you plan to explore and taking note of everything.
  • Outline what you need to do and how to do it. It is necessary to keep a list of the things you need to do, including when you should do them in order to keep up-to-date with the project’s progress. From project plans to dates, take note of everything that you can.
  • Create the first draft with the help of your outline. Write your draft and start as early as possible.
  • Get feedback from people after writing. Whether it is your initial draft or the final draft, have people read it and take note of what they think about it.

Gonzaga Senior Capstone 2016 to 2017

Some of the important dates you have to take into consideration when enrolled in this year’s senior capstone in Gonzaga

University includes the following:

  • August 30 – Initial capstone meeting overview
  • September 6 – Fall workshop and social
  • September 20 – Academic session #1
  • September 27 – Academic session #2
  • October 4 – Academic session #3
  • October 11 – Project plans due by 4 pm
  • October 18 – Project plan presentation & review session

More important events to remember as well as some capstone project requirements can be seen on their website.

Having a hard time getting started on your senior capstone project Gonzaga? Call us and let us help you!