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Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) Capstone Writing | What You Should Remember

Becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is one of the easiest ways to start the professional career as a nurse in United States. If anyone wants to start earning in nursing profession in quicker manner then there is no way expect getting a certificate of LVN or LPN. This certification enables the person to enter into the nursing workforce in minimum time limit with limited scope of handling the patients under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RN). Being attending the nursing school only for one year and having the nursing knowledge up to the basic level, LVNs and LPNs are not supposed to do practice independently within the hospitals just like Registered Nurses and ultimately get lesser salary. Well, it doesn’t mean that there is no requirement of writing a licensed vocational capstone project nursing paper to get the certificate of Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Completion of nursing project with approved nursing capstone paper is also mandatory to become a certified LVN or LPN. Are you confused by reading the terms LVN and LPN alternatively and want to know LVN vs LPN? Well, there is no difference in Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). In most of the US states, the term LPN is used for licensed nurses, while the term is LVN is only used in California and Texas for licensed nurses. Nothing is different between LVN and LPN in terms of course duration, institutional requirements for course completion, job opportunities, scope of work and average salary as well.

licensed vocational nursing capstone paper helpWhat Is LVN?

LVN or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) is the nurse that attends the nursing school only for one year and joins the practical nursing career in shortest span of time. Being having only one year license, LVNs have narrow scope of work and less salaries as compared to associate or bachelor degree holders of nursing profession. The associate degree of nursing profession is RN or Registered Nurse and a three year degree program is required to become a Registered Nurse. However, BSN or Bachelors of Science in Nursing is the four year degree program and considered as the highest education in nursing profession. Both RN and BSN have broader scope of work, higher levels of responsibilities and higher salaries as well as compared to LVN. Normally, LVN responsibilities are lesser and they are only allowed to work in nursing homes, doctor’s offices and rehabilitative nursing care centers but under the direct supervision of RN and BSN. Only a few hospitals allow the LVNs to join the nursing workforce of hospital.

Well, if a LVN wants to get higher degree in nursing profession, then there are various bridges for LVN to BSN programs. However, completion of nursing projects is mandatory for all nursing programs. What is nursing capstone is definitely not a strange question for all the LVNs who want to become RN or BSN, because writing the nursing capstone paper is the prerequisite for completion of all types of nursing programs. To get the more precise answer of what is LVN; let’s go into details of LVN program.


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Overview of LVN/LPN Program

If you want to start your career in nursing but don’t have enough time of getting extensive education that is required to become a registered nurse, you can select anyone of licensed vocational nursing programs such as Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Following is the overview of LVN program, just read it and secure your career path towards nursing.

  • Admission requirements for LVN program
Age limit and education: Most of the nursing institutes that are offering LVN or LPN courses have minimum age limit 17-18 years for getting admission in LVN program. The reason behind setting this age limit is the minimum academic requirement that is high school graduation. Obviously, a regular student passes his high school graduation at the age of 17-18. So, this is a clear synchronization between age limit and education requirement to get admission in LVN program. In most of the institutes, 3.0 is the minimum GPA requirement in high school graduation. This requirement could be accumulative for all subjects or only for Math, English, Chemistry and Biology.
TEAS: TEAS or Test of Essential Academic Skills is one of the key admission requirements in LVN program of many nursing schools. The major subjects that have been covered in TEAS are math and science subjects, while some schools also include little portion of history and social science subjects as well.
Computer skills: In case of choosing online LVN program, basic computer knowledge is mandatory that is examined by the internal test of nursing school.
Physical & Mental health: The candidate, who wants to take admission in LVN program, must be fit both mentally and physically.
  • LVN licensing requirements

Completion of LVN certification depends upon the successful completion of subjects/courses, LVN training and final capstone project. Final capstone project is the partial requirement to complete LVN certification. Writing a capstone paper is the most critical task for every student who wants to become licensed vocational nurse. It assesses the medical and managerial capabilities of student that he learnt in the nursing school during completion of LVN program. However, even having approved capstone paper, a student cannot get the LVN certification without passing the NCLEX-PN exam. This exam is conducted by “National Council of State Boards of Nursing” for all those students who have completed their courses, training and final capstone project. NCLEX-PN exam determines the student eligibility for becoming the licensed vocational nurse. Clearance of this exam enables the student to get certification of licensed vocational nurse.

  • Career opportunities

Being entry-level health care provider, the career opportunities for LVNs are limited. LVNs are hired to provide the basic nursing services to patients but strictly under the guidance of Registered Nurses. There are lots of career opportunities for LVNs at doctor’s clinics, therapeutic nursing care centers, anatomy centers and nursing homes. The scope of work for LVNs are monitoring blood pressure and pulse of patients, changing bandages and bed pans, inserting IVs and catheters and keeping record of patient health.

Things to Consider before Getting Admission in LVN School

As LVN is an alternative term of LPN that is used in California and Texas states, so there are lots of nursing schools that are offering LVN programs in these states. If you are looking for some school to get admission in LVN program, following are the things that are necessary to consider about nursing school before finalizing the admission:

  • At first, the school must be registered with “National Council of State Boards of Nursing”. The school must be accredited from the concerned accreditation body of particular state. Before getting admission, this is the most important thing to make sure the accredited LVN programs of any nursing school.
  • The repute of nursing school in terms of strict rules for examination and approval of final project is also an important factor to keep in consideration before finalizing the school for getting admission. The best way to examine the repute of school is existing number of students and trend of new applicants towards taking admission in that particular school.
  • The worth of school should also be judged by having the facility of LVN-RN and LVN-BSN bridge programs, so that if any student will feel the necessity of getting higher education in nursing career, he/she could avail the opportunity within the same premises and with minimum extra charges and credit hour.

capstone paper writing lvn helpBenefits of Licensed Vocational Nursing Programs

There are several benefits of licensed vocational nursing programs, let’s have a look on few of them:

  • LVN is the shortest way to start the practical nursing career. LVN requirements are no longer to start the professional career. It takes only year for completion of program and after that, the licensed vocational nurse can start the practice under the supervision of registered nurse.
  • According to US labor statics report 2011, the average salary of licensed vocational nurse is $20.21 per hour. However, the average per year salary of LVN is $41,150. Among all other professions, this is very good salary for the initial position. Because LVN is the basic certification in nursing that has narrow scope of work as well, so many people think that the average salary of this profession will also be very well. Well, this is not. Moreover, if any LVN gets the job in community college, he can get much higher salary as well.
  • Becoming licensed vocational nurse is also beneficial for those, who afraid of getting high responsibility especially in case of health matters of patient. LVN duties are considered lesser as compared to registered nurses and LVN always works under the direction and supervision of registered nursed or directly under the doctor. So, there are no chances of taking self-decision for treatment of any patient and choosing line of treatment itself. So having low level of responsibility means there is no accountability for any wrong thing. In terms of medical treatment, this is a very good opportunity.
  • When we take a look on career opportunities of LVN, we again see a long list. No doubt, LVNs are not seen commonly in the hospitals, but it doesn’t mean that there is no place at all for LVNs in the hospitals. Many hospitals hire LVNs to assist the registered nurses and pay a handsome amount to these professionals. However, majority of licensed vocational nurses get jobs frequently at doctor’s clinics and nursing homes.
  • Another benefit of getting LVN degree is not losing the opportunity of getting higher education nursing career. It is very common to take admission in bridge programs of LVN such as LVN-RN and LVN-BSN. If any LVN wants to get associate degree in nursing, then doors of associate degree i.e., RN or Registered Nurse are open for him. Similarly, it is not difficult for LVN to get the degree in Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Nowadays, online facility of bridge programs such as LVN to RN programs online is also available for those students who don’t want to leave their jobs but also want to become registered nurse.
  • As LVN starts their career as basic nursing care, so when any LVN gets higher degree in nursing, he/she becomes very good nurse as compared to that nurse, who directly come into hospitals as registered nurse. The persons who join the duty directly as registered nurses, don’t have practical knowledge as LVNs. So, in many cases, RNs are dependent upon LVNs.
  • These are LVNs who not only keep record of patient’s treatment but also discuss the health issues of patient with the doctors and family members of patient. So, LVNs stay close to patient and develop a good relation with patient as compared to doctors and registered nurses. This thing helps the LVNs to understand the disease, its symptoms and line of treatment.

How to Write Licensed Vocational Nursing Capstone Paper?


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According to Irene Kirby Morgan, “LVN or LPN is the same thing that goes into becoming an RN, except the course is shorter and more focused on practical bedside skills like assisting patients with activities of daily living (eating, bathing, ambulation, toileting) as well as passing meds, taking vital signs, and doing basic physical assessments.”

Capstone project is LVN or LPN final project that is one of the necessary requirements to complete the professional nursing course named as Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Capstone paper writing LVN is a process in which students perform their research independently on some approved research topic and write the findings in approved format of research paper. The importance of writing LVN capstone paper can be judged by this fact that it determines the critical thinking ability of applicant in case of facing any medical issue. The examiners analyze the capability of LVN student to handle the pressures without assistance of any senior person and level of critical thinking of student in such tough situation through his capstone paper.

  • It is not easy to start writing the capstone paper on any topic. First you have to find such medical problem that is still not addressed in any previous medical problem. Obviously, some relevant researches will be available but your specific proposal to write the capstone paper should be unique.
  • There is a proper way to present the proposal for capstone licensed vocational nursing. You must have to present the research proposal for his capstone project in front of committee. It is very important to convince the committee about importance of your capstone proposal and defend your research idea. If your proposal will be unique and you will be succeeded in convincing the committee about implementation of your capstone project, you will be awarded that project. Now the procedure starts for writing the licensed vocational nursing capstone paper. Following are the steps to write the licensed vocational nursing capstone paper;
  • A proper and concise research about should be conducted before choosing the topic so that there should be no difficulties in conducting the relevant research. You must have to look the pros and cons, feasibility of research and availability of references.
  • You should arrange your thoughts and plans about conducting the research in the form of summary. This will help you to prepare a line of action in well-organized manner and writing a clear and concise content. Summary is the best way to convey your thoughts to your supervisor.
  • Before writing the capstone paper, it is necessary to discuss the format of research per with your professor. In fact, there is no hard and fast rule for the format of capstone research format. Professors or supervisor can advise the format as per their own choice. So, either you are following the instructions of mission college LVN program or any other college, it’s better to discuss the format in advance to avoid any change after writing the complete paper.
  • No doubt, the format of capstone paper could be different for various colleges of licensed practical nurse education, but there is always one standard format. A little variation in this standard format is possible, but it is not possible to alter the complete structure of standard format of capstone paper. Let’s have a look on the structure of standard format of capstone paper:
    • Title Page and Signature Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Body of capstone nursing paper
    • Summary
    • Conclusion
  • Expect body of capstone nursing paper, there is no other page that has further divisions. The body of paper consists of further five sections:
    • Introduction of problem: This section consists of background, purpose and importance of problem with respect to real world problems that are facing by people.
    • Review of literature: This section consists of abstracts of previous research work that is related to proposed research project.
    • Materials & Methods: This part of capstone nursing paper consists of description of those materials and facilities that are required to conduct the research work. Moreover, the procedure of performing the research work should also be described in this section.
    • Results: The results of capstone nursing project that are obtained after performing the research work should be described in this section in tabular form. Tabular form is always considered the best way of compiling the results of any research work.
    • Discussion: After writing the results of capstone research project, you must have to write the graphical discussion of results along with support of some previous research work. This research work should be in support of the results that have been obtained after performing the research work.
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Licensed vocational nursing program (LVN) is undoubtedly, an awesome choice for every youngster who wants to make his/her career in nursing profession. LVNs join the practical nursing field just after completion of one year education and become able to get handsome salary from nursing homes and doctor’s clinics. However, completion of LVN within one year depends upon writing such a licensed vocational nursing capstone paper that has potential to get approval from institute. We understand the pressure on students and help them in writing the best capstone nursing paper at cheapest rate.

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