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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Capstone Writing Guidance

Nursing is undoubtedly, one of the most flourishing professions not only in United States but all parts of the globe. The reason is respectable occupation, good salary and bright chances of progress in nursing career. Nursing is also considered as the fast track profession in terms of earning handsome amount as well as lots of opportunities for higher education and ultimately reaching top level of career. However, the limit and rate of progress in nursing profession depends upon the track that you choose to enter into the practical nursing career. There are four ways to enter into the nursing profession. The basic entry-level degree is LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse).

The next level to enter into nursing profession is RN (Registered Nurse) or ASN (Associate of Science in Nursing) that means higher salary and higher level of responsibility as compared to LPN. Getting bachelor of Science degree in nursing i.e., BSN means, the person can start the nursing career with more salary and wider scope of work as compared to LPN and RN. The forth and second highest level of nursing education is Master of Science in nursing that is also termed as MSN. After MSN, there is last and highest option to start the nursing career from management level i.e., PhD in Nursing. However, writing capstone paper as prerequisite of final nursing exam is mandatory to pass all nursing disciplines. Either you want to write capstone paper master of science in nursing or capstone paper bachelor of science in nursing, you must have to choose your research proposal from unique and practicable DNP capstone project ideas.

expert capstone paper master of science in nursingMaster of Science in Nursing

Master of Science in nursing is the postgraduate degree in nursing that provides several career-oriented opportunities to nurses. These opportunities start from becoming the registered nurses directly within the hospitals and work under the supervision of senior doctors directly. This is the only education level in nursing that lead the nurses towards management and leadership positions due to their ability of critical thinking and senior-level responsible position. The major difference of MSN from all other nursing degrees i.e., LPN, RN and BSN is that, no other degree can give a full scope of professional nursing career except MSN.

Only those nurses get opportunity to work as senior practitioner directly under the medical doctors that are master degree holders. The MSN can also take self-decision and can prescribe the medicine as well in case of non-availability of doctors and can handle the doctor’s clinics independently in case of absence of doctors. MSN are usually appointed at very responsible designations and this is all due to skills and critical thinking ability that they achieve through medical capstone project ideas during their last semester of master degree.

Types of Master Degrees in Nursing


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The major benefit of getting Master of Science degree in nursing is finding the option of choosing the field of specialization. All other nurses LPN, ASN or RN, do not have option to choose any particular medical department of hospital at their own and can work in their desired field. Doctors appoint them in any department under the supervision of senior nurses that have power of taking their decisions themselves due to their level of education and ability of handling the serious situations independently. Well, this not happens with the nurses having Master of Science in nursing education.

The MSN can the medical department of his own choice from the time of his studies. Options are available for the students, who are doing Master of Science degree in nursing that they want to go into oncology department or having the desire of making their career in pediatric care or mental care health. MSN also have choice to go into nursing education or choose the management position of nursing departments.

There are four types Master of Science in nursing degree programs, which are as following:

  • MSN in Nursing Education
  • MSN in Nursing Management & Executive Leadership
  • MSN in Nursing Pediatric Practitioner
  • MSN in Adult Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Most of the nurses, who come into nursing career directly after the completion of master degree, choose the nursing education or nursing management fields. No doubt, both fields have bright chances of progress, but the best opportunities wait for the practitioners. Between a medical doctor and physician’s assistant, the only professional person is MSN. When patients visit any doctor’s clinic, then the only person who they think trustworthy in case of absence of doctor is not other than MSN.

Requirements to Take Admission in Master of Science in Nursing

The admission requirements for Master of Science in nursing in terms of subjects are almost common for all institutes that are offering MSN degrees. 2.75 to 3.0 is the minimum GPA requirement in previous degree to secure admission in MSN. However, what should be previous degree to get admission in MSN program? There are lots of options in this regard. Obviously, a person holding BSN (Bachelor of Science degree in nursing) has no other requirement to get admission in MSN.

However, in other cases in which applicants have only RN (Registered Nurse) degree or LPN (License of Practical Nurse) degree, there is an option of Master of Science in nursing bridge program. Through such bridge programs, anyone who wants to do MSN degree can fulfill his dream. Nowadays, many nursing institutes are offering Master of Science in nursing online programs. Thanks to these programs, now there is no need to leave the job for any RN and LPN. They can enroll their Master of Science in nursing degree through online portals of nursing institutes.


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How to Prepare for Master of Science in Nursing Education

According to Cathy J. Thompson “In my experience, it is helpful to have nursing experience under your belt before starting a master degree program, Again, you are expected to be an expert when graduating – and, unfortunately, nursing staff can be unkind if they find out that you don’t have much nursing experience.  Know that going straight into a master’s program from your baccalaureate or only having a year’s experience as a nurse is going to be a tough road, not impossible, but harder for those who don’t have some experience to hang that graduate theory on!”

Anyone who wants to become clinical nurse leader through MSN degree must be aware of the procedure to complete the Master of Science degree in nursing education. Obviously, completion of coursework is the first requirement that every MSN student must have to fulfill, but there are two more obligations as well and without completion of these obligation, it is not possible to complete the MSN degree. The second requirement is capstone in Master of Science in nursing. Choosing the unique capstone topic, defending it in front of examiners, performing the real-time research activities related to the concerned topic and writing a flawless capstone paper is not an easy task. You must have to prepare yourself for all these requirements and writing a best capstone paper that has potential to be approved is the key of this preparation. After having an approved capstone paper, you have to pass the NCLEX exam that is requirement of US medical council of every individual US state. No doubt, all requirements are important to become health policy expert, but most important is not other than writing the capstone paper for MSN.

expert capstone in master of science in nursingHow to Write MSN Nursing Capstone Paper

As nursing capstone project indicates the level of critical thinking of student, so there must be some clear difference in BSN capstone project writing and MSN capstone project writing in terms of analytical approach, skills and culmination of knowledge of individual students. If you want to understand the critical approach of MSN capstone nursing project, you must have to review the various MSN nursing capstone project examples. Following is a well-written example for MSN nursing capstone project.

Unlike capstone papers for LPN, RN, ASN and BSN, there is some difference in MSN capstone paper. MSN capstone writing is typically focused on some particular branch of medical science that has been chosen by the MSN student as the major subject to study. Furthermore, it is obvious that the approved topic of capstone project must be unique and relevant to the recent real world problems. Therefore, writing the MSN nursing capstone paper is very technical job and following are the tips to write it:

  • Choosing the research topic for capstone project is the matter of major importance. Only finding some unique topic is not enough. You must have to find the feasibility of that topic that either it is practicable or not. You have to make sure the availability of materials that is needed for the proposed project as well as you have to confirm the sources of research project. Once these two things are confirmed, you can present your topic in front of members of selection committee for approval
  • After the approval of topic of MSN capstone project, you should write the summary of your capstone project. This will help you to streamline your research procedure. You can also present this summary to your supervisor, so that he could suggest any changes if needed
  • You should discuss the format of your capstone paper with your teacher. In fact, there is some standard format of capstone paper that everyone must have to adopt. However, your instructor can only suggest some editing in the line spacing, header, footer etc
  • Title of the project should be catchy and small. Large but boring titles could not appeal the readers
  • Acknowledgement page and signature page should be kept right after the title page
  • You should write the table of contents in well-organized manner. First, you should only write the title of chapter but should leave the page numbers blank. After completion of paper, you can write the exact page numbers
  • Now, you can write the statement of problem. This section should be named as introduction, background or importance
  • After the introduction, you should write the aim and design of project with description of material that you have to use in the research work
  • Now, describe the procedure of performing the research project step-by-step and write the results of each step.
  • In the next, you should discuss the results with references of previous research work
  • At the end, write the conclusion of your research work
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Master of Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

The nursing capstone projects are executed by giving the proper focus to the format, writing style and everything that sets it apart. This project is required to submit in the last final year of any certain degree program. The master of science in nursing capstone paper writing takes adequate time in completion. The very first process is data collection. Then, the step of the literature review also takes ample time to be completed. The job of nursing requires a lot of sense of responsibility and dedication. Therefore, you must know about every aspect of this field by writing the ideal capstone paper. Let’s go through the best ideas for MSN capstone projects to get assistance in writing the best report.

  1. Emergency planning systems.
  2. Prevention of dementia patient dysfunctional behavior.
  3. Patient-centered medical facility strategic planning.
  4. Diarrhea prevention with probiotics after the use of antibiotics.
  5. Behavioral health interventions to reduce incidents of sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. Review of visitation models.
  7. Heart monitoring patients with sleep apnea.
  8. Nursing staff professional development and training.
  9. Dementia patient management using non-pharmacological methods.
  10. Treatment and prevention of obesity among children.
  11. Management and prevention of diabetes.
  12. Public health advocacy to improve rural access to care for pregnant women.
  13. Pain management improvements in post-anesthesia care units.
  14. Lyme disease prevention.
  15. Quality of life for a patient with congestive heart failure.

These will be the best MSN capstone ideas for you. As a student, you only have to make it up to the mark. The selection of topic plays a vital role in writing a great capstone paper. People who face the challenges in writing this project should learn the tips of making it ideal. also, learn the MSN Capstone paper writing for leadership that can guide you to proceed further well.

MSN Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

Before starting to work on the Leadership Nursing capstone paper, you have to focus on the headline properly. Many of us don’t pay enough attention to the title of the final year research project. For good grades, you need to focus on learning the superb ideas related to writing a successful nursing leadership capstone paper.

  1. Patients with an altered body and their psychological assistance
  2. Development of the nursing assessment tool
  3. Patients with an altered body and their psychological assistance
  4. Development of the nursing assessment tool
  5. Patients with an altered body and their psychological assistance
  6. Development of the nursing assessment tool
  7. Education for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  8. The difference between modern and old healthcare
  9. Concept-based learning strategies to create nurse leaders
  10. Online learning vs Classroom of nursing
  11. Evaluating the effectiveness of nursing training
  12. Concept advancement of nursing care management
  13. Evaluating the effectiveness of nursing training
  14. Concept advancement of nursing care management
  15. The relationship between longer hospital shifts of nurses and quality of patient care

How We Can Help with Writing a Good Nursing Capstone Paper

If you are looking for some good writing service that could help you in writing the capstone project, you can take the help of our professional writers. Let’s have a look on how we can help you in writing a good nursing capstone paper:

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