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Networking Capstone Project Ideas 2019

What Is a Capstone Project for Networking: Definition, Requirements, and Tips

Computer networks are where a group of computers is joined together so that they are able to share resources. This can be anything from sharing a printer between computers through to the internet. You can study for all forms of computer networking degrees from bachelors through to doctoral studies and many will expect you to come up with networking capstone project ideas.

The reason for needing computer networking capstone project ideas is that most courses today will expect you to complete a capstone rather than a more traditional thesis or dissertation. The reason for this is that a capstone is a more hands-on approach to solving actual real-world problems that allow you to be able to demonstrate your skills. While the more traditional approaches are looking more at theoretical and academic approaches to solving problems. A good capstone, therefore, allows you to show that you have the skills that any employer would be looking for and that you are able to apply those skills effectively.

computer networking capstone project help online

Writing a capstone paper, however, is not easy. Many students will seek out computer networking capstone project help from companies such as ours. We are able to help you with all aspects of your project and writing from finding the right capstone project ideas for networking through to editing that final paper.

Capstone papers vary considerably depending on where you will study for your degree. Each program has its own specific requirements for your writing. Each will expect you to follow the structure that they outline and to follow a specific academic style or format of writing such as the IEEE. It is just as important to ensure that you follow their requirements to have a robust and accurate piece of research.

The following are some tips to help you with ensuring that your capstone writing will go well:

  • Invest time in finding the right networking capstone project ideas: if you choose the wrong idea then you could find yourself working on something that you have lost interest in or that you simply cannot finish successfully. Any project idea must be feasible and a real-world problem that is important to solve.
  • Ensure that your proposal is well written: you will almost certainly be expected to provide a proposal prior to being able to continue with your research. This allows your supervisor to carefully check that you have selected an idea that is feasible and that you will have the time, skills, and resources required to complete the work.
  • Create a plan: always have a clear plan for all of the work that you will need to do. You may feel that you have a lot of time but it will be surprising just how quickly that time will erode. Always have very clear deadlines for when you will finish each step of your work and writing.
  • Outline your paper: use the structure required for your capstone paper as a basis to draft out your writing. Never just jump straight into the writing without understanding fully what you are going to do. A good outline will save you a huge amount of time with your writing as well as helping you to avoid any issues.
  • Have a routine for your writing: it can be hard to motivate yourself to get the work and the writing done. Having a clear routine can help you to make constant progress. Sit down at the same time each day and give yourself an achievable target for how much work you will do each day and keep to it.
  • Check your capstone with care: be prepared to rewrite your capstone. Your first round of writing will never be your best work and you will also find many things that you want to change as you learn more as you write. Never submit your rewritten work without careful proofreading to remove any issues with your writing.

capstone project for networking writer

How to Choose Capstone Project Ideas for Networking

Selecting computer networking capstone project ideas can be a hard task. But it is one that you need to do with great care. Get this initial stage of your work wrong and you may not be able to complete your final paper. There are several ways that you could go about finding the right project idea for your capstone:

  • Review your past classwork and reading: there may be issues or areas that interest you in particular from the work that you have already done. Read through all that you have done with care to see if you can find something that will make a suitable project.
  • Review your past work experience: this is often the richest ground for finding good capstone ideas if you have been actually undertaking work in this field. You will often have examples of issues that are faced daily that would make for a good project.
  • Read past works in your areas of interest: when you read past papers and other literature in your fields of interest you will often find many that will suggest additional research or that will highlight those areas in which the current research is weak.
  • Work with your supervisor or peers: a good brainstorming session can help you to build your ideas of what others suggest. This can be a good way to come up with a long list of potential ideas that you would otherwise have never thought of.
  • Look at lists: there are many areas in which you will be able to look at lists of potential projects from your own department of the library through to sites online. Even if you do not see a project that is perfect for you the ideas that you see may trigger additional ideas.

40 Best Computer Networking Capstone Project Ideas

From finding a capstone project for networking through to ideas for network and software capstone projects our lists will be able to help you. Navigate to the list that you are interested in to review the ideas that we have for you. These lists have a wide range of different ideas that may be suitable for your computer networking senior project ideas. Even if the idea is not what you want they will often trigger ideas that you will be able to use:

Computer Networking Capstone Project Ideas

Your capstone project for networking could follow any of the suggestions that we make below. Use these computer networking senior project ideas to trigger more ideas of your own or adapt them for your own capstone:

  1. Design a DTM network simulator: this project will seek to deliver a simulator for testing networks rather than having to use hardware.
  2. Ascertain the limits of performance for IEEE 802.11 WLANs: how does theory compare with actual performance?
  3. Reducing convergence time in BGP4 routing: look at techniques such as Ghost-Flushing in big networks.
  4. WCDMA scheduling algorithms: to improve the performance of packet date services by controlling allocation amongst users.
  5. Optimization of WDM optical networks: design and development of networks for improved performance.
  6. Wireless networks and energy efficient routing: a review of techniques to reduce energy consumption within the network.
  7. Development of a fast network for gaming: how to ensure that fast servers are utilized for a large group of online players.
  8. Desktop Manager for Networking: Java program to check that all computers on the network are correctly updated and operating correctly.
  9. Load manager for the network: balancing multiple servers to act as one without any single server being overloaded.
  10. Setting up of the private cloud: using an Aneka 2.0 platform for the implementation of a private cloud for a LAN to be accessed by multiple users.

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Computer Network Security Project Ideas

Our suggestions for network security capstone projects will help you to find a topic that can be right for you. Remember that your computer network security project ideas need to be of interest to you as well as being something that you can finish within the time you have. These network security capstone project ideas can be adapted to your specific requirements:

  1. Enhancing security for Ad-Hoc networks: while wireless networks are quick and easy to set up we need to have more secure methods of protecting them.
  2. Review of security risks on commercially available cloud networks: an investigation into the most commonly used services.
  3. Biometric security a review: how easy is it to overcome some of the methods being suggested for biometric security?
  4. Best strategies for password creation: defining best practice for passwords that are memorable and secure.
  5. Ethical hacking: is there really such a thing as ethical hacking and when and where should it be used?
  6. Detection and prevention of website hacking: methods to alert a website owner of when and how their site has been compromised.
  7. Theft prevention online: how to prevent the theft of intellectual property such as text and images from a site.
  8. Best practice for homeworkers: many of those working from home need to securely attach to work networks, what is the best practice for doing so?
  9. Are firewalls worth it? Review of firewalls that are commonly used and how secure they really are.
  10. Secure device synchronization: reliable synchronization of files between devices and prevention of attacks when doing so.

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Computer Network Research Project Ideas

Our list of 10 computer network research project ideas will provide you with many ideas that you will be able to use for your own paper. These network project ideas for computer science can be used as they are or adapted for your own interests:

  1. Improving AQM (Active Queue Management): a project to prevent congestion within satellite networks.
  2. Secure client-server communication in HTTPS: looking at improving certificate management for PKI implementations.
  3. TCP friendly protocols for mobile streaming: methods of better sharing available bandwidth.
  4. Development of a wireless system within a warehouse: full control of the warehouse through a wireless based network.
  5. Personal security alarm: mobile network-based system to alert nominated people/services of a problem and your current or last GPS location.
  6. Congestion management of satellite-based systems: management of data within satellite systems for carrying internet traffic.
  7. Overcoming DNS flooding attacks: systems for preventing this form of Denial of Service attack on a server.
  8. Mobile payment systems: design of a secure and effective payment system that can be trusted.
  9. Improving TCP in EGPRS: methods for improving the link between the internet and your mobile device.
  10. Middleware technology analysis: performance analysis of some of the most common objects used and recommendations as to the most effective.

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Computer Network Analysis Project Ideas

Our list of computer network analysis project ideas can be used in a way that you like. Use the ideas as they are or adapt and change them to form your own unique computer networking capstone project ideas:

  1. Modelling and optimization of transmission networks: improving communication through mathematical models.
  2. Header compression Algorithm evaluation: a close look at the effectiveness of ECRTP in real-time traffic.
  3. MPLS networks and QOS routing efficiency: an evaluation of different protocols and their effectiveness.
  4. Review or internet architecture to identify resource hungry systems: how can we better regulate how the resources we have are utilized.
  5. Review of Intrusion Detection Devices (IDSs): a review of their effectiveness and possible future developments.
  6. Security of cloud computing security: what systems provide us with the best levels of security?
  7. Using test data to develop a communication protocol model: a creation of a test model for communication systems where there is no correct model available.
  8. Design of routing simulators: a method for reviewing and analyzing network performance.
  9. P2P search performance improvement with UIM: development of protocols to speed up the search process.
  10. Review of ICQ security: are there any weaknesses that can be used by others to change your messaging history?

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Computer Networking Capstone Project Help

Whether you are working in networking or need to generate data science capstone project ideas you will often need our help. Writing your paper is far from simple and can be very time-consuming. Professional help from us can support you with everything from coming up with capstone project ideas for computer science in networking through to editing your final paper to ensure that it is perfectly written.

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There are many reasons as to why you should use our services such as:

  • Highly qualified writers: our experts hold relevant computing postgraduate degrees and have many years of experience supporting students at your level of education with their capstones.
  • All of our writing is unique: our experts work directly with you to ensure that your paper is written as you want it from scratch. There is no copying and your paper is delivered with a plagiarism report.
  • We deliver on time: you will never miss your submission date with our help. Just let us know how quickly you need work completed and we will always meet your required date.
  • Around the clock support: if you want to know the progress on your order or have any other questions about the professional services we offer just contact our support staff through phone or online 24/7.

Use our comprehensive lists of networking capstone project ideas and professional support to ensure that your paper gets the best results.