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Rutgers University Most Popular Capstone Questions

Graduate Capstone Project

The graduate capstone project might seem like a daunting task and any overwhelming task comes with a lot of questions. This article would be addressing a lot of the most common capstone questions asked when starting to think about the capstone projects.

Rutgers University | Capstone Questions

When should a student take the capstone course?

If a student has less than 9 credits remaining for graduation and has completed most of the core required courses along with research courses, one can get registered for the capstone course. However, if a student has more than 9 credits left, he/she should not register and wait for the next semester to register for the same as the capstone is usually taken in the last semester of the college as it is a culminating experience to the college academics.

rutgers university capstone questions

Can a student take the capstone as the only course during the semester or can he/she take multiple courses during the same term?

It all depends on the student taking the course. Some students have a multi-tasking ability and find it just fine to manage other courses along with the capstone in one term. However, there are students who choose to focus only on their capstone research project during one term, so they only register for the capstone in one term. One should consider one’s professional and personal abilities to perform when thinking about this question. One should be honest with oneself and one will be better off with the right decision.

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How to choose the right topic for the graduate capstone project?

Selecting a topic is one of the biggest concerns that students have and are worried about that before even registering for the capstone course. But selecting a topic does not have to fret anyone, instead, it can be a very fun experience. One is free to choose a topic that interests one the most and is passionate about the most. The topic selected can have a personal or professional meaning for an individual. One can choose a topic from one’s work environment or from experience or just rising from passion and interest in the topic.


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What are some things to remember while working on the graduate capstone project?

One should pay attention to the methodology of one’s project, the grammar, punctuation, citations, and formatting. One should have analyzed the work and the research done and written about how the research supports the argument in the thesis.

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