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The Golden Mine of Best Research Project Ideas You Can’t Miss

What Is the Most Important Part of How to Start a Research Project?

A research project is something that you will be asked to do as you advance through your education. This will be a unique investigation within your field and subject area to confirm or to discover new facts and ideas. You will be expected to test new theories and hypotheses and to write everything up in a very precise report, dissertation or thesis. So you will better know what is a culminating project and create it.

There are many things that will affect the success of your project and how easy it will be to do, from finding a supervisor to drafting a feasible research project plan. One of the most important factors, however, is coming up with the right research project ideas.

Your project idea will dictate what you will actually research; chosen poorly it could leave you with a project that you have little interest in or one that you are unable to complete. You must ensure that you choose something that not only is unique and important to your field; it must be something that you can complete with the skills and resources that you have available. It must also be something that is going to maintain your interest for the full duration of your study.

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Selecting the Right Project Area for Your Research


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Before you even start to write your research project proposal you will need to decide just what it is that you are going to research.

Finding the right topic area is vital to conducting your research and there are a few ways that you can go about selecting that perfect topic for you:

  • Continue with research that you have conducted earlier within your education in this subject area.
  • Look in your university or college library as they often have lists of possible topic areas for research.
  • Discuss your options with your supervisor, they will often be able to guide you into something that is worthwhile.
  • Look online for a list of possible subjects within your field.
  • Start your literature review in areas of your subject that interest you; as you read you will find areas that the authors identify as requiring investigation or as areas of weakness. This will often lead you to discover a relevant topic for your own research.

As Sandra Miller writing for College Express says:

“If you have the freedom to choose what to write about, it is generally best to choose a topic you’ve always been curious about so that you have an interest in it learning about it in depth. Choosing a topic that doesn’t interest you much might not give that motivation to do effective research”

Some Examples of Research Project Ideas

The following are a selection of different project ideas that you could use or adapt for your own paper:

  • Effect of abortion on the mother’s future health
  • Is reverse discrimination truly effective and fair
  • Is testing of younger school children really effective
  • Should children’s access to the internet be limited
  • What are the effects of wifi radiation on the human body
  • In what cases should suicide to be allowed
  • The effect of the media on elections
  • Should children be made to wear school uniform
  • Should prayers be allowed within the school
  • Why do people binge drink

While the above may not be something that you specifically want to research, reading through suggestions will often trigger different ideas of your own that you may wish to pursue.

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Tips for Writing a Research Project

A research project is a systematic investigation that will seek to establish facts around a specific topic. Your topic must be unique to you and must also be important to the field in which you are studying. After all, there is no point researching something that is already agreed on; unless you have identified weaknesses within the original argument. For example, take a look at some nursing capstone project ideas.
Once you have your topic area and your research project proposal has been accepted you will need to get down to doing your actual research and writing your paper. Your paper will follow a very strict structure depending on the subject that you are working within and even the institution that you are studying at.

The following covers the different areas of your paper and what should be covered within each part:

  • Title page: this will contain the title of your research plus any other required information such as student ID, the course followed, etc.
  • Abstract: this is a summary of what your whole paper contains. You will typically write this part of your paper at the very end of your writing.
  • Introduction: this section will require you to introduce the problem that you are seeking to solve and to explain why it is important. You need to make your thesis or hypothesis statement within the section so it is clear what the research is about. Your introduction needs to clearly show the background to your research and narrow in on this specific field and why it is so important.
  • Methodology: within this section, you will need to explain the actual methods that you have used and why they were chosen for your research.
  • Results: this section should provide the reader with a clear overview of the findings from your research.
  • Discussion: here you need to interpret the results that you have gained and relate them back to your initial thesis statement.
  • Conclusions: within your conclusion, you will build upon your discussion and relate it to your subject or even the world so as to make the impact of your finding clear. You may also make additional recommendations or highlight a need for further research.
  • The bibliography: this is a comprehensive list of all of the sources that you have used and mentioned in your research paper.

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