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Tips on How to Write a Nursing Capstone Project

What Is a Nursing Capstone Project?

The capstone project is a final project that demonstrates understanding and mastering of an advanced specialty in nursing by a student. The focus is more of a hands-on approach where a student will essentially put a theory into practice, and monitor, document and evaluate the results. It is becoming common practice for nursing programs to require capstone projects for sample capstone papers on nursing and is a major factor in evaluating a student’s skills and knowledge. Students will need to devote a great deal of time and energy to their capstone project considering the weight and importance it carries in the nursing program.

The nursing capstone project and DNP capstone project are meant to demonstrate a student’s mastery and understanding of a specific area of specialization. During the course of the project, they will identify a problem with a procedure or process in a chosen area and implement changes that they believe will bring about improvements. The problem and procedures tested as well as results will be contained in the capstone nursing projects final report. The student will defend the project to a committee. Approval of the committee signifies that the student has met all project expectations and is eligible to graduate.

nursing capstone project assistanceThe Steps for Completing Nursing Capstone Projects

A capstone project requires that the student goes through several stages to complete the process.

The following are the basic steps a student will take to complete the project:

  • Topic selection: the student will need to get preliminary approval of their topic
  • Project proposal: the project proposal should include a problem statement and needs assessment. Project timetable, resources, and objectives will need to be included
  • Defend and gain committee approval for your project
  • Conduct the project and write the final report
  • Present and defend the project
  • Submit the final written report

The step that often presents the biggest problem is the final written project report.


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Nursing Capstone Paper Writing

Writing nursing capstone paper final report is the concluding stage of your capstone project. It is the report that will document the problem tackled, the steps taken to resolve the issue, the means, and tools used to evaluate the outcome along with your suggestions. Nursing capstone paper can be described as an all-encompassing project that requires you as a student to select a topic interconnected to your field of study. This project must be presented as a comprehensive and written report. The writing of nursing capstone project can be a bit overwhelming for some students. That’s why it’s better to look at a sample nursing capstone paper first to be more familiar with what is expected of you.

A nursing capstone project is a final paper that shows that a student has an understanding and mastering of an advanced specialty in nursing. The attention of this project is more of a hands-on method, where you will have to monitor, document, evaluate and put a theory into practice. Capstone paper on nursing is a major factor when it comes to evaluating the knowledge and skills of students. Looking at the importance and weight that nursing capstone carries in the nursing program; you need to devote some time and energy to it. It is an all-encompassing project that you must select a topic according to your area of study. You must comply with the required citation guidelines. However, you must present this paper in form of a comprehensive and written report.
nursing facts

Nursing Capstone Projects Common Mistakes

Many students find that the area where they are most likely to have problems and make mistakes is in the writing of the final project report. The following is a list of mistakes that can adversely affect your nursing capstone project and perhaps result in a poor or failing grade:

  • Failure to follow the format: the format and structure of the project must be strictly adhered to. Familiarize yourself with the format before writing the report
  • Not focusing: don’t get sidetracked or stray from the topic. Stay focused on the points you want to make and don’t include unnecessary filler
  • Not proofreading: the final report should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread several times. Then proofread again
  • Failure to document references: it’s very important to document all references. Failing to do so could result in being accused of plagiarism, even if not deliberate
  • Plagiarism: copying somebody’s work and representing it as your own is plagiarism. There are many tools now for testing for plagiarism. Getting caught may well result in dismissal from the program

Use the nursing capstone project example to avoid mistakes

Tips for Selecting Your Nursing Capstone Project

Selecting a topic is the most difficult aspect of nursing capstone paper for a lot of nursing students. There is the worry that they may be hurt academically when they choose a wrong topic. Some of these students are of the opinion that all the good topics have been chosen and done, while they will only be repeating an old topic. It is worth mentioning that while a substandard project can ruin a career, a good nursing capstone project covering the correct topic can be a great launching point for a career. Note that once you have chosen a topic, it will be very difficult if not impossible to change it in most cases.
Here are some simple and fundamental tips for choosing a topic for a capstone project for nursing:

  • Choose the topic of your paper in an area you are good and interested in. In addition, opt for an interesting topic because it will be difficult for you to put in your best, if you opt for a boring topic, with the amount of time needed to write the paper.
  • Carry out a thorough finding before you pick the topic of your choice and consider it from both a pro and con side. This will make defending your proposal easier in the presence of the committee.
  • Keep track of your sources as they will help you when you want to make points. Remember also to add them to your reference page if you add them to your written paper to keep away from plagiarism issues.
  • Look through journals and literature in your related field of interest and focus on areas written about the most in current articles. Consider areas that have readily available research from fresh articles and current articles references.
  • Consider the topic that will best fulfill the requirements of the project and also outline the areas in your specialty, which are given the most attention.
  • Pay special attention to the topics you find the most covered and interesting.

Tips for Writing Your Nursing Capstone Project


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The final stage of your capstone project will be writing the nursing capstone project final report. The report will document the problem addressed, the steps taken to solve the problem, the means, and tools used to measure the results and the results along with your recommendations.
The following are a few basic tips to help with writing the final report:

  • Format your report correctly
  • Make an outline before beginning. Your table of contents can serve as a rough outline
  • Be sure to include all sources on your reference page
  • Write clearly and concisely. Don’t use unnecessary words
  • Proofread

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Why Ethics Is Significant to Nursing Research

Nursing research is strictly governed by ethic and principles of good clinical practice because it involves human participants. This offers a framework of regulations, guidelines, and laws that give direction on how clinical research is set up and conducted. While the Associated ethical and safety standards are monitored closely at international, national and local levels, ethical standards of clinical trials are lawfully binding. Obeying good ethical practice protects the wellbeing, safety, and rights of participants and guarantee that outcome is accurate and reliable. The fact that ethics set forth series of decisions and actions which are in the best interests of a particular patient and also dictate what to be done makes it very important in nursing research. Ethics guarantee that each person is provided with the highest degree of attention and care possible. It represents a moral range that drives nurses to administer services in a fairly and timely manner. Moreover, nursing research ethics gears experts toward the right decision when they are facing difficult situations.

Ethics come into the limelight by giving an answer to any moral question in a way that it lets the individual continue with other job tasks as well as act in a manner that communicates trust, authority, and responsibility. Another reason nursing is significant to nursing research is that it teaches practitioners how they can handle all patients fairly and give them comfort. Education and highly developed skills help in driving the ethics and motivations of nurses. Ethics also opined that a provider must agree with the intentions of a patient and that of his family, even if the nurse disagrees with these options.

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Interesting Facts about Medical Research

Discussed below are some interesting facts about medical researches:

  • Test tube and laboratory mice – a study in test tubes, as well as laboratory mice, took about 10 years to arrive at the point where a treatment was tested for its effectiveness in safety on humans (Ken Gez. of Informed Consent).
  • Clinical trial – this is at times refers to a research protocol or clinical research study. However, a clinical trial mainly refers to the place that study procedure is tested. Therefore, just a solitary procedure can be carried out in more than a few locations all over the countries, states, and cities. (Staff of Star-Ledger).
  • Drugs – another interesting information is that roughly 1 out of 50 drugs that go for pre-clinical examination show that it is safe and effective enough to be tested in humans. (Ken Getz, Informed Consent).
  • New drug development – developing a new drug took 8.1 years in the 1960s, while researchers spent 15.3 years or even double to develop new drug as well. (The Association of Clinical Research Professionals).
  • FDA review period – this normally last approximately 1 year for NDAs aka New Drug Applications. In addition, this body has an accelerated review procedure for priority drugs. (Ken Getz. Informed Consent).

facts about nursing

How to Make Your Paper Appropriate According to Nowadays Trends

Nursing paper can be a rewarding experience for participating patients and nurses alike. It enlarges the evidence base and improves clinical practice. Therefore, it is very important to make it appropriate according to the trends of nowadays. As a result, a nursing paper must be based on dependable evidence, while the nurse education must equip practitioners with the necessary skills to confront current practices, read published research extensively and estimate its role as far as clinical practice is concerned.

To make your nursing capstone paper appropriate according to nowadays trends, you have to do the following:

  • Cover page must begin with your full name, course, title, date and your email address (to be centered)
  • Single space paragraph
  • Title – to be centered
  • Indent the first sentence of each paragraph
  • Text – 12 point with Arial font. It must be aligned and justified
  • Headings – must be the same without different fonts and must have sections and sub-sections. Section headings must be centered, while the sub-sections must be aligned as left justified
  • Page – this should be of 1-inch margins
  • You can add pictures, charts, figures or diagrams
  • The table of the content page must be different
  • Prepare an outline before you start
  • Proofread your report upon completion
  • Write in brief and visibly
  • Add all sources on your reference page

Creating References Advice

Nursing capstone research papers should be presented in an orderly and organized way as they sound comprehensive and assured. The format style seasons the different areas of the paper, making it effective.

  • Text and reference. It carries the references as a sketch only. It may be Conclusion, Analysis, Methodology or Abstract.
  • Correct alignment. You align the sources of your research page from the reference page. It will contain the last name of the writer, and then the first name and the middle initial. Do the same thing for multiple authors, but punctuate with commas.
  • Online reference of the research. The website has to be preceded by the name of the article, publication date and the name of the author. In a situation where the reference was made from Bible, you must mention the exact edition, the author and support it with chapter and verse.
  • Newspaper reference. The method is more or less the same if the illusion of the of the research paper was made from a newspaper. In other words, mention the name of the author, the name of the paper all in italics. The last step here is for you to put the date of publication.
  • Book illusion. List all the references you use for the project in a single line and in a sequential order if you make more than a few references from one book. However, you have to mention the first and the last of the pages, separated by a hyphen in between, if the illusion is from many continuous pages.
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Tips for Writing Conclusions and Analysis

It is not difficult to write good conclusions and analysis. When it comes to the concluding part of your research paper, it is an avenue for you to show that you have adequately analyzed a text in order to establish whether it has a pleasing effect on your readers or not.

Here are some tips that will make you create a fantastic conclusion:

  • Keep away from summarizing
  • Give your reader a sense of completeness
  • Paraphrase the statement of your thesis and reinforce it by referring to the evidence you provided to support it
  • Put all your ideas together
  • Provide your opinion
  • Run a quick summary of the main discussion points

Introducing new ideas you didn’t cover is one thing you should never do when you are writing the conclusion of your nursing capstone paper.

Making Your Review

Paper review and proofreading are vital to a completed project. While a paper review serves as evaluation and summary of another person’s project, proofreading is done to ensure no error is committed on the paper. Professionals are assigned proofreading and review work of other experts from time to time. It is very important to understand the main arguments and points of the project for an accurate summarization or proofreading.

When you are making your review, you must consider the following:

  • The audience – when you are reviewing a paper, consider the audience for the event., journal or workshop.
  • The standards – this will differ, depending on the venue where you are doing the review. As far as accepting vision papers, outlining a new problem paper or area that foster on discussions is concerned, workshops are more permissive.
  • The purpose –the fact is that no two papers serve the same purpose. They serve different purposes. Hence, establishing the paper contributing before passing final judgment.
  • The big picture – There is no paper that cannot be rejected because finding reasons to reject a paper is always easy. You should determine if there are reasons to accept the paper and not to identify why the paper should be rejected.

capstone project nursing assistanceProofreading Tips

  • Read the text out loud and silently.
  • In order to focus on the spelling of words, read the paper backward.
  • To focus on typology, read the text upside down.
  • Make use of a grammar and spell checker as an initial screening, but it is recommended that you don’t rely on them.
  • Give the text to other people to read.
  • Read the paper gradually.
  • Cover the area not yet proofed with a screen – a blank sheet of paper.
  • Read one word at a time by pointing with your finger.
  • Do not proof for each type of mistake at once.

Writing nursing capstone paper final report should be an easy task if you understand the tips and tricks. The information above will put you on the right path of writing an amazing report.

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