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How Long Is a Capstone Paper?

best tricks to make your paper longer

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A project is usually run at the end of a course for you to demonstrate that you have paid attention and gained a good understanding of how to apply what you have learned. The average length of an essay will very much depend on the course that you are following and the level at which you are studying and your supervisor will share the specific requirements with you. This could be anything from a 10-12 page paper to a 40 – 50-page tome that is going to take a fair amount of your time to complete. If you have not reached the minimum however you may want some making your paper longer tricks.

The minimum page count that you are given is an indication of just how much work you are going to have to put in and the depth to which you will need to cover your topic. Not reaching that requirement is often a pretty clear indicator to the person marking the paper that you may not have put in enough work and effort.

But sometimes you may just not have anything more than you feel you can add to your paper to bring it up to the required length. Trying to find ways to make a paper longer without too much hard work can be difficult. Thankfully we have many of the answers that you will need for making your length closer to what is required.

Simple Tricks to Make Your Paper Longer

Let’s be clear before we start. The idea is always to reach the minimum length of your paper by providing the reader with value through every word that you use within your writing. Anything that simply boosts capstone paper length without adding any value may be seen as cheating and really should not be used; at least not to excess. There are many ways however that you can extend the length of your paper without causing any real issues.

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How to Make My Paper Longer Legally

Adding value to what you have written is always going to be the best way forward to increasing the length of your paper.

The following tips will help you to ensure that your the final report gains some extra length without overly alerting the person marking to what you are doing:

  • Plan your writing better and have a clear outline of what you will write. This allows you to identify at a very early point in your writing what sections of your paper may be a little light and where you may need to conduct extra research. This can help you to ensure that you do not fall short in the first place.
  • Conduct additional research to find more information to include within your paper. It is often relatively quick to find more information that will help you to add additional content to areas of your paper such as an introduction. Ensure that you use multiple sources of information such as journals and other research papers to boost your available information.
  • Provide your reader with a counter agreement to the argument that you are making through your project. Not only does this add extra pages it will also show the evaluator that you are able to consider different viewpoints.
  • Add additional quotations to support what you have to say. This can add weight to what you have to say while boosting your page count considerably if done well.

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How to Make My Paper Longer in Other Ways?

The following tricks to make your paper longer are unlikely to add any real value to your paper and should be used sparingly.

You certainly should not try to use every suggestion as you will be very likely to get caught and your marks will suffer accordingly:

  • Be more specific about what you write instead of using pronouns. So for instance instead of using “his final book edited by his sister was one of his best.” You could use; “John W. Smith’s final work the “final descent to the centre of madness” was edited by his sister Mary Jane Smith and is often perceived by many as one of his best.”
  • Be more descriptive regarding what you have to say. Done well this can actually improve your writing, but it must be done with care. So for instance “Roger Banisters four-minute mile was a turning point for long-distance runners” you could write; “The superhuman feat achieved by Sir Roger Banister by smashing the perceived four-minute barriers for running a full mile without any aid inspired many other excellent and talented runners around the globe to replicate this major achievement within just a short time.”
  • Do not use contractions of any form within your writing. Remove don’t, it’s and there’s and replace with the longer versions.

You can also work on the formatting of your capstone paper to increase the number of pages that it takes up:

  • Not every font takes up the same amount of space when selected in 12pt. Experiment with fonts to find one that will add that extra little length without affecting readability.
  • Use a double space after each and every period of your writing to add that little extra length to your paper in a way that will not be easy to spot.
  • Increase the font size of just the periods and commas within your writing, this will not be easy to spot but will add a few extra lines to your paper.
  • Split longer paragraphs into two to boost an extra line from each. This can actually improve readability in many ways also.
  • Try adding an extra word or two to any paragraphs that end close to the right – hand margin so that they will drop into an additional line.
  • Add a footer and header with page numbers, project title and other information to take up some of the space on each page.

Can I Use a Make My Essay Longer Generator?

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