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Weaknesses of Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects

Purpose of Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects

Electrical engineering capstone projects are usually the culmination of years of study towards a degree in electrical engineering. It presents the opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to use what they have learned during their studies and apply it in real life applications.

Depending on the program, the capstone project electrical engineering students work on provides experience in:

  • A students ability to communicate with a client and determine their needs
  • How to formulate and analyze a problem
  • Explore various possible answers to a problem and propose a solution
  • Present to an audience in various forms, oral and written their proposed solution and defend that solution
  • Implement and validate a working prototype of the proposed solution

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Some Weaknesses in Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects

Obviously, students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of electrical engineering in their capstone project. It is one means of assessing how much the student has learned and their ability to use that knowledge in real life situations. However, an electrical engineering capstone project needs to demonstrate more than just a practical working knowledge of the subject area.

While this is the major purpose of the capstone project, to be successful a student’s capstone project should also:

  • Assess economic considerations and impact. Is it economically feasible?
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of creating and implementing the proposed solution.
  • Evaluate possible ethics issues of their project
  • Consider the possible social impact of the solution developed in their project

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Some electrical engineering capstone projects don’t take these issues into consideration, and the failure to do so is considered a weakness in the project. These are important issues that should be integrated into the capstone project and considered along with the purely technical issues. If you are having problems with including these non-technical issues in the capstone paper you write, or with any other aspect of senior capstone project writing the capstone paper, we provide a service that can help.

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