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All about WGU Capstone Project: Ideas, Requirements and Tips

WGU Capstone Project Requirements

Western Governors University (WGU) is an online university that has been around since 1997 having been formed by 19 US governors. They offer a wide range of different bachelors and masters degrees and the university is fully accredited and also respected with some 98% of employers being satisfied with the quality of graduates from their courses. All courses end with a WGU capstone project which must be passed for graduation. This can be a tough part of the course and if you look at the WGU capstone examples provided you will see that the standard expected is very high.

The programs offered through the university are split into four main schools, each with their own unique offerings and also formal accreditations. These schools are business, teaching, IT and health & nursing. Each school has several distinct programs for bachelor and master degrees.

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The format of Capstone for WGU

As with most universities, each of the schools has their own very specific requirements as to how your capstone must be laid out and structured. These instructions are clearly laid out and you must ensure that you follow these instructions to the letter if your paper is to be accepted. Mistakes in your formatting will cause your paper to be rejected and it will be returned to you for revisions. On the whole, you will be expected to provide citations and references within your paper in APA style for the majority of papers when you write a WGU capstone.

Steps in Writing Capstone for WGU

As with all other sections of your education through WGU you will be required to do your capstone online. You will have an approval process to undertake as well as numerous forms and stages to go through to ensure that you submit a WGU masters capstone that will meet their expectations. There are some differences between programs within WGU but the typical process follows this route:

  • Task 1: you will be required to provide a number of documents that will outline your intended capstone project. This is not a formal proposal but a set of answers to predetermined questions on the documents that you will be provided. The aim is to provide your tutor with a full understanding of everything from WGU capstone topic ideas through to what you are looking for in the way of outcomes from your project. You will also be asked if the information that you will be using for the project is confidential and if your finished project is something that can be included within their archives.
  • Task 2: This is the actual project proposal for your capstone. You will find a word based template for the structure and layout of your paper and it is recommended that you use it for your proposal. Remember that the document is about what you will do so it is something that should be written in the future tense. The aim of the proposal is to spell out what you propose to do and the benefits that your project will provide. The proposal has 8 main sections which are:
    • Proposal Overview
    • Review of Other Work
    • Project Rationale
    • Current Project Environment
    • Methodology
    • Project Goals, Objectives and Deliverables
    • Project Timeline and Milestones
    • Project Outcomes
  • Task 3: this is the actual capstone paper. Watch all of the videos that are provided through the course about how to complete your capstone. Also, make use of the “bridge document” as this shows you how your proposal sections map out to the final capstone paper. Remember that you will be able to use much of the information that you have provided for task 2 within your final paper but you will need to change the tense from future to past. Once completed you submit your WGU capstone papers and wait for your result.

The paper will be reviewed and you will either pass, fail, or have your WGU capstone projects returned to you for revisions. You will have to do pretty poorly to actually fail, on the whole, you will be given the opportunity to correct any issues with your work and to resubmit. There is no WGU capstone presentation or face to face review as the programs are wholly done online.

wgu capstone presentation help

WGU Capstone Project Writing Tips

Writing a capstone is not an easy task and it is something that many students will struggle with, especially if they are not used to writing papers of this size and complexity. It is always best to use all of the resources that are provided for you such as the many WGU guides and videos that will spell out what is required of you. Our WGU capstone project tips will help you to better understand how you should approach writing your capstone if you want to get the best possible final result:

  • Understand the program requirements fully: all tasks have very detailed instructions and these must be followed with care. Most also have linked videos and other information that you can use to help educate yourself as to what is expected of you. Always ensure that you make full use of what is provided for you and ensure that you know precisely what you must do before you start and do not be tempted to rush off ahead without knowing exactly what is required.
  • Choose your WGU capstone topic ideas with care: no matter what program or school you are within you will need to ensure that you choose a project idea that you can actually finish. Poor WGU capstone ideas should be highlighted right from the start by your tutor, however, if you do choose poorly then you could end up with a project that will be difficult to complete to the standards required of you and you may have to go back to the drawing board.
  • Have a clear plan and use it: many see the timing plan within their proposal as just a part of the documents required and then fail to actually make use of it. By having a clear plan that is well laid out with milestones for completing different parts of your project you can ensure that you make the progress that is expected of you.
  • Use WGU capstone project examples: it is relatively easy to find past capstones and WGU capstone examples to look at within your subject area. These will offer you a huge insight into how your own paper needs to be written and what is really expected of you. They can be an excellent guide for your writing and project but you should never be tempted to simply copy what you see. WGU uses a plagiarism detection program that will highlight work that has been simply copied.
  • Make an outline: far too often students simply just rush into their writing with little thought as to what they are going to say and how they will organize their thoughts. This leads to poorly written papers and usually a huge amount of rewriting. A good outline that makes simple notes of what you need to cover within each section of your paper will help you to have a clear understanding of how your paper fits together and what should be written where. Not only that, but a good outline can also highlight any problems with your paper at a very early stage in the process allowing you to put fixes in place.
  • Review and proofread your paper: your capstone must be perfectly written and free from any mistakes if it is to be accepted. While minor errors will be returned to you for a correction this will cause you significant delays and of course, cost. Always review your paper with care so that there are no issues when you submit it.

80 Latest WGU Capstone Topic Ideas

WGU capstone ideas must be selected with care if you are to have your proposal accepted and if you want your project to go smoothly. Mistakes at this initial part of the project process can be multiplied many times over with regards to the difficulty that they will present to you.

Capstone topic ideas for WGU should be unique as well as something that will give you the opportunity to show off your skills and what you have learned through the previous parts of the program. They must also be something that is important within your subject area. On the whole, when it comes to capstone projects you are looking for real-world issues that you can solve through your investigation.

Download a PDF with a full list of WGU capstone project topics!

Finding good projects however, is rarely easy and many will struggle. Often you will need to refer back to your past work experience and classwork or do research into areas that interest you to discover possible ideas for your project. One other option is to look at lists such as those that we provide for you. Even if you do not see a suggestion that is right for you the ideas listed will often prompt thoughts of your own for projects that you could run.

WGU MBA Capstone Project Ideas

The MBA is the most sought after graduate course at WGU. The WGU MBA capstone project must be passed if you are to gain your degree. Key to passing is selecting WGU business management capstone ideas that are going to be suitable as well as of interest to you. A well written and effective WGU business management capstone project can be used as part of your own portfolio so a highly effective solution to a real business issue can help you to gain a better position later. So using our WGU MBA capstone tips and these WGU MBA capstone project ideas can support you with building a better future:

  1. Improving customer satisfaction with overseas call center performance
  2. Improvement to throughput through electronics assembly line process
  3. Reduction in absenteeism in a large retail business
  4. Reducing supply chain costs for a furniture manufacturer
  5. Return on investment for internet marketing activities
  6. Using just in time processes for fast food seller
  7. KPIs for a bespoke office furniture manufacturer
  8. Use of lean techniques within a health center
  9. Comparison between ERP and JIT systems within manufacturing
  10. Improvements to paint processes to reduce in line rejections

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WGU Accounting Capstone Project

If you need effective topic ideas for your WGU accounting capstone then our list of projects can help you to find the right one for you. Even if the specific project is of no interest it may still trigger more ideas that may be more relevant for your own research.

  1. The effectiveness of microfinance in rural areas
  2. When should the lowest bid be accepted?
  3. Improving competitive advantage through accounting practices
  4. Strategies to drive down costs within an engineering company
  5. The ethics of tax evasion
  6. How accurate are budgets when they are set?
  7. Financial KPIs for the woodworking industry
  8. Making finance easy for junior company management
  9. Accounting risk management in a retail chain
  10. Risks of currency fluctuations in international trade

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IT Capstone Topic Ideas

Writing your WGU IT capstone project requires you to come up with the right WGU software capstone ideas. Selecting the best WGU IT capstone topic ideas right from the start can ensure that you avoid any issues and can write an effective WGU IT management capstone. Rather than struggle with trying to find good ideas for your WGU IT security capstone make full use of our long list of WGU IT capstone ideas:

  1. Creation of a KPI dashboard for a manufacturing company
  2. Challenges and risks of using cloud computing for a small business
  3. Creation of an e-commerce store for a small business
  4. Voice recognition system for security applications
  5. Training system for company staff based on the web
  6. A document retrieval system for a health practice
  7. Improvements in software quality testing
  8. A software system for stock management
  9. An optical defect recognition system
  10. IT Security challenges for a small business

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Nursing Education Capstone

Writing capstone projects for WGU nursing MSN is not going to be easy. Selecting the right WGU MSN capstone topic ideas will, of course, help you to ensure that your WGU MSN education capstone will go smoothly. As with other subjects the more time and effort that you put into selecting your topics for WGU nursing leadership capstone papers the more chance you will be successful. Our list of WGU nursing education capstone ideas can help you with selecting a topic that will be perfect for you:

  1. Education improvements for breastfeeding and HIV
  2. Rehabilitation of elderly patients after head injuries
  3. Improving adherence to health plans when patients return home
  4. Managing the stress and fears of long term illness for parents of small children
  5. How to increase the use of home care rather than care homes
  6. Internet-based health diagnosis
  7. The pros and cons of assisted suicide
  8. Better promotion of diet for prevention of diabetes and other conditions
  9. Better identification of abusive families
  10. Dealing with nursing stress in critical care

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Healthcare Management Capstone

Writing your perfect WGU healthcare management capstone requires the selection of the perfect topic. The following ideas can support you in finding a topic that may be just right for you:

  1. Is going vegan really a healthy option?
  2. Is there really a place for homeopathic medicine?
  3. Is chemotherapy worse than the disease?
  4. Improving the lot of those suffering from chronic disease
  5. Improving the uptake of vaccination for babies and toddlers
  6. Helping patients to overcome pill addiction
  7. The effectiveness of acupuncture for eating disorders
  8. Strategies for weight reduction in pre-teens
  9. Improving organ donation rates
  10. Are their old approaches to healthcare that still have a place in the modern world?

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Marketing Management Capstone Project

Making your WGU marketing management capstone project stand out as something perfect to impress future employers requires a good starting point. Your topic idea needs to be something that will be seen as important as well as being a challenge to you. The following selection can help you with choosing an idea right for your research:

  1. Is brand something that every business needs to consider?
  2. Effective strategies for product marketing on social media
  3. Customer behavior when comparing products online
  4. Can a business survive without internet marketing?
  5. Breaking into a monopoly
  6. What improvements to corporate social responsibility can translate into sales
  7. Do mobile phones and other devices really listen in to what you are saying?
  8. What makes a marketing post shareable?
  9. How effective are celebrity endorsements?
  10. Marketing strategy for a local eatery

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Human Resource Degree Capstone

The WGU human resource degree capstone is part of a very popular degree and as such you will want to make sure that your project is well written and of great importance. Selecting from our list of potential topics can help you to ensure that your paper will be excellent:

  1. Which is most important: job satisfaction vs Wage
  2. Political correctness in the workplace
  3. Are online interview less effective?
  4. Should overqualified candidates be avoided?
  5. Conflict resolution in large management teams
  6. Career planning: for the benefit of the company or the individual?
  7. Does homeworking really work?
  8. Carrot or stick for performance improvement
  9. Protection from false sexual harassment claims
  10. The ethics and results of monitoring staff social media behavior

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Technical Writing Capstone

Make your WGU technical writing capstone outstanding by reviewing our many ideas for your project topics:

  1. Improving accuracy in translated documents
  2. Use of graphics and video to improve technical manuals online
  3. Are long-winded technical manuals really needed in today’s age?
  4. Plagiarism testing for computer code
  5. Improving grammar tools
  6. AI to improve the performance of writing tools
  7. Software for control of technical writing
  8. Better management of information
  9. Using collaborative methods for improving technical writing
  10. Software to simplify complex writing

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Help with Writing a WGU Capstone

There are many benefits to using a professional writer to provide WGU capstone help. The following are just a few of the reasons why you may want to work with one of our highly skilled WGU capstone project writers:

  • Your paper will be written by an expert: why struggle if you can have someone with years of experience and a holder of a higher degree in your subject area support your writing.
  • Saves you time and allows you to get needed rest: our staff can do all of the hard work with your writing allowing you to concentrate on more pressing matters.
  • Ensures your paper meets the required standard: our writers have native level English language skills as well as full understanding of all of the formatting and other requirements for your paper.

topics for wgu capstone examples

Not only can we save you the time and stress of working on your paper, but our services also come with all of the following benefits:

  • Unique writing: our experts will never copy or adapt writing for you. Each of our specialists will work directly with you so that they know what you are looking for within your capstone and will help you to produce the precise paper you are looking for.
  • Unlimited revisions: not only will we write just what you are looking for we will also make any changes that you feel may be necessary for any reason. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the paper that is written for you.
  • Delivered to you on time: speed is often of the essence when you turn to a service such as ours and we will always get to work as soon as your order is approved. Writing and editing are done quickly and we will always have your work to you within your deadline.
  • Friendly support: no matter your question, you will be able to get through to our friendly and knowledgeable support staff 24/7 over the telephone or online.
  • Well written error free papers: not only do our experts have excellent English and full grasp of the language and terminology used in your field, but all writing is also put through our expert proofreaders free of charge.
  • Money-back: guaranteed satisfaction with your WGU capstone or we will refund what you have spent with us.

Make full use of our WGU capstone project ideas and professional support to ensure that you get your paper written to the highest standards.