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Writing Nursing Project Step By Step

Nursing Project Proposal

To begin your capstone project you must first get the approval of a committee to do so. Getting approval requires submitting a project proposal. In the proposal, you will state a problem, why you feel it needs to be addressed, and how you intend to do that.

The basic structure for a nursing capstone project proposal will be as shown here:

  • The body of the paper. The body will be broken into four sections
  • Table of contents
  • Title of the project
  • Statement of the problem with background and significance
  • Project description with objectives and supporting literature
  • Project design. A detailed description of the project, including timeline and resources
  • Evaluation plan. What evidence-based tools and measurements do you intend to use and what method of analysis


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Approval of the Nursing Project Proposal

The proposal you write must be presented to a committee. You will be required to defend your proposal and convince the committee of its validity. Committee approval indicates that the committee accepts the problem in your proposal exists. It further indicates that the plan you propose has merit and that you can implement your project.

During the course of your nursing capstone project, you should be taking extensive notes and collecting data. This information will be included in your final project paper.

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7 Steps for How Do You Write a Nursing Capstone Project

Writing a nursing capstone project is a partial requirement for completing the nursing course. This paper assesses your management and medical skills. It also tests your critical and social thinking skills.

Writing a nursing capstone project allows you to show how you handle critical issues happening or might happen in your medical practice as a professional.

The following are 7 easy and simple steps on how to write an effective nursing capstone project:

  1. Make a research first before choosing your good topic. Conduct a research first about timely, worth-discussing, and feasible topics you can discuss. Weigh pros and cons about each topic. Consider the availability of references you can use, your target audience, and the feasibility of the topic.
  2. Make an outline. An outline helps you keep on track and filter information you only need to include in your capstone project. It also helps you get your thoughts organized in the midst of all overwhelming information.
  3. Write a summary. It introduces your audience what your paper is all about. Professors usually read the summary first before getting down to the main content.
  4. Write a clear and concise content. Use simpler wordings to discuss your topic. Your nursing capstone paper should be easy to understand for your target audience. Keep it clear and concise by sticking to the main topic.
  5. Choose a good format. Your professor usually assigns a certain format for you to follow. Otherwise, choose a simple format. It helps if you write a table of contents first before writing the whole content.
  6. Edit and proofread. Make sure that your nursing capstone paper is free from any error – spelling, grammar, even punctuation. You can ask someone to review it for you or hire an editor.
  7. Hire experts. Not everyone is that confident to write a nursing capstone project. You can seek help from online professional writing services like Capstone to write your paper. They have professional writers with years of experience in writing papers like this.

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Writing the Final Nursing Project Paper

The final nursing project paper will detail the complete project following the proper format and include main nursing capstone project ideas. While some programs may request slight variations the standard format is set up in a similar format as the project proposal.

The basic outline is shown here:

  • Title page
  • Signature page
  • Executive summary: provides a brief overview of the project
  • Table of contents
  • Body: the Body will be broken into 5 sections/ chapters
  1. Statement of the problem, its background, and importance
  2. Project description: this is the purpose, goals, and design of the project
  3. Evaluation plan: descriptions for each objective of what evidence-based measures were applied, what instruments were used and what was the method of analysis used.
  4. Results: were objectives achieved? Discuss key facilitators and key barriers, and any unexpected results
  5. Recommendations: should the project be continued, expanded, halted? Based on your results provide your recommendations.

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